First – can I use Clorox 2 as a detergent and if not, have I damaged my clothes? No, using Clorox2® Stain Remover and Color Booster will not damage your clothes. We developed the product as a colour-safe laundry additive to improve the stain removal, cleaning and whitening power of the detergent.

Do you also know that bleach and detergent are the same thing?

Although detergent is used alone can, bleach increases the cleaning power. While detergent cleans your laundry, bleach whitens, disinfects and helps remove stubborn stains. These two products work as a team; the bleach breaks down the stains and dirt so the detergent can remove them.

Is Clorox 2 a non-chlorine bleach?

The short answer to your question is YES! Our Clorox 2®Stain Remover & Color Booster has hydrogen peroxide as its active ingredient and belongs to the class of oxygen-safe and color-safe (or chlorine-free) bleaches. No color change means it is safe to use bleach on the item.

Similarly you may be wondering if you are using bleach with detergent?

Add your favorite detergent before adding into the wash water clothes or bleach. Add ½ cup of Clorox® Regular Bleach2to wash water after detergent but before adding clothes. For best results, we recommend adding ½ cup of Clorox® Regular Bleach2to water five minutes into the start of the wash cycle.

Is it okay to mix detergent?

Safety always. You can mix brands but not heavy duty “HE” detergents with non-HE detergents. I would suggest that you do not mix powder detergents with liquid detergents as this can be a problem with some soap dispensers. However, some chemicals such as chlorine bleach and ammonia must not be mixed.

Can you mix bleach and dish soap?

It is never safe to mix dish soap with bleach. Check the detergent label – if it contains any ammonia-derived compounds, it says “Do not mix with bleach“. Bleach + ammonia produce very bad gases.

Can I put bleach in my washing machine to whiten clothes?

Bleach has fantastic disinfecting and stain-fighting properties. Add bleach to your wash cycle to brighten and brighten your laundry. Alternatively, you can add bleach to an empty cycle to clean your machine and remove odors.

Can you mix vinegar with laundry detergent?

You can use vinegar and laundry detergent in absolutely the same load , but you cannot mix them together. If you use detergent, add the vinegar to the rinse cycle after the detergent is gone. Otherwise you will end up with greasy clothes.

Can you mix bleach and Tide?

Clorox ® Mixing Regular-Bleach2 directly with CLOROMAX® and Liquid Tide is basically a complex chemical reaction. The sodium hypochlorite active in Clorox ® Regular-Bleach2 with CLOROMAX® is a strong oxidizer and will look for anything in the wash water to react with.

Can I put too much bleach in my well ?

Do not use excessive amounts of bleach – more is not more effective. 5) For best results, the bleach should be combined with water before adding to the well. [By reducing the concentration, there is less risk of corrosion of the wiring and pipes in the well.

Do you use bleach with hot or cold water?

The facts are:

  1. Clorox® Regular Bleach2effectively disinfects in hot, warm or cold water, whether for washing or household cleaning/sanitizing.
  2. For maximum cleaning, stain and soil removal, one should wash in hot water with detergent and Clorox® Regular Bleach2.

How to clean a toilet with bleach?

Clean and disinfect your toilet bowl with 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach. Pour it into the bowl and let it stand for ten minutes. Then scrub with the toilet brush and flush.

What is a bleach substitute?

Here are six things you can use in place of bleach around the house.

  • Lemon juice. Citric acid is a great natural cleanser, which is why lemon juice is a perfect substitute for bleach.
  • Tea tree oil. Another natural alternative to bleaching is tea tree oil.
  • Borax.
  • Vinegar.
  • Castile soap.
  • Baking soda.

Can I use Oxiclean and bleach together?

No! Oxi Clean is a bleach alternative and works by itself. Do not mix with bleach as they can neutralize each other and produce dangerous gases and heat. If mixed in a poorly ventilated area, inhaling the fumes generated by this mixture can be fatal. ..

How to clean a bathroom with bleach?

How to clean your bathroom with bleach

  1. Wipe the area to be cleaned with a damp sponge.
  2. Mix 1/2 to 3/4 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water and apply the solution to the bathroom surface.
  3. Let the bleach solution sit for five minutes, then rinse then remove and air dry.

Can you use ammonia to wash clothes?

Ammonia is a versatile laundry additive that removes stains and grease dissolves, whitens and softens your bath towels. First, only use clear ammonia for your laundry – colored products may stain fabrics, especially lighter colors. Avoid using ammonia on wool or silk.

Can you use Clorox 2 on white clothes?

We all know how great Clorox® Regular Bleach2is How to keep your whites clean and spotless. So you can pre-treat stains and soiling on your colored clothes and/or add them to your laundry.

How do you use bleach safely?

Use detergent and water to clean a surface , and then use bleach and water to disinfect it. Leave the bleach/water solution in contact with the surface for at least 5 minutes. Then rinse and air dry. Color safe bleach uses hydrogen peroxide instead of sodium hypochlorite or chlorine to remove stains.

How do you use bleach to remove stains?

How do you remove stains from clothes with bleach ?

  1. Make a weak bleach solution, soak in a clean white cloth and blot the stain (or use a bleach pen to target the stain).
  2. Alternatively you can soak the entire garment in a mild bleach solution.
  3. Refer to the care label, wash the garment as usual and then check the result.

How do you bleach black clothes?

  1. Move all supplies into a well-ventilated area and wear plastic gloves while handling the bleach.
  2. Measure a cup of bleach into your bucket.
  3. Dispose of the bleach and water mixture and rinse the clothing with hot water.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your black clothing is an acceptable shade of white.

Can I soak clothes in bleach overnight?

It brightens dirty whites, removes yellowing and rust stains and even fugitive color that gets into clothes reached. You can use on white and colors. Use according to directions. Soak clothes for 30 minutes or even overnight.

How do hotels keep their sheets so white?

Vinegar is also a helpful tool to keep hotel sheets and towels fresh. Used in place of fabric softener, vinegar removes bacteria and refreshes fabrics. After washing this bedding with detergent and vinegar as a fabric softener, hotel towels and sheets smell clean and don’t smell of vinegar at all.