Is Bernie Sanders likely to win the US presidential election?

No, I don’t think so.In part, it is because he dares to use the word ‘ socialism ‘, which is infected in the American eyes, but even more so because of his age. In 2016, Bernie failed to get the Calked Democrats to renew in time. The result was the defeat of Hillary and the Trump presidency. However, Bernie and the Occupy movement have also loosened it and a renewal and rejuvenation movement arose. Unfortunately, this is to a large extent again more of the same: more estrogen and melanin, while the gigantic social and environmental problems remain on the second plan. (Like the biljonairs that all too like to see).

Bernie can therefore still play a useful role in the primaries, but I do not see him getting the nomination.America needs a younger candidate.

I don’t think so.

Firstly, as others have pointed out, there is age.Although I think a certain maturity is useful, 79 is really too old to hold another such function.

Frankly, I also find him very uninspiring.On everything that happens, he says “billionaires” and “taxes”. It really sounds kinda like a sawn place.

There are still a number of other strong candidates in the running, including mainly Beto O’Rourke.A (relatively) young, dynamic candidate with a very positive message. I think it’s hard for Bernie Sanders to compete with such a person.

My personal favourite is Andrew Yang, who promotes a form of basic income in a rational way.He still enjoys little brand awareness, but is remarkably successful in a certain audience who often votes Republican, while he is a Democrat. He is even welcomed on Fox. So it might be a chance in certain swing states where other candidates are less likely to be.

Conclusion: Too old, too little inspiring, and too much good competition.I just hope that the DNC doesn’t push him too much at the disadvantages of other, better candidates, as they did with Hillary Clinton.

When I speak to Americans around me, most of them find him a leftist idiot.Mind you: I live in Denver, which is not really a diverse city. And since I have a good job in the software world, I obviously speak a lot of people who have it right.

In other words: I have no idea if there are whole folk tribes running hot for Bernie.That could be good. I am not against them. What I do indeed see in Denver is a lot of Democrats who hope Trump will not get it in 2020. But that doesn’t mean they’re Bernie voters.

That seems very unlikely to me, partly because he has a Jewish background.That will certainly not fall into good ground in the Republican “swingers”. Hilary Clinton is also not a good choice because many people don’t want Bill back in the White House.

In addition, Donald Trump is still hugely popular even though the media pretend to be hated by almost whole America.But you also saw that in his election because everyone thought he was barely likely and suddenly he was POTUS.

Yes, in 2018 a predominantly Democratic House of Representatives was elected.(The Senate is 45/52 divided in favor of the Republicans.) But that’s part of Trump’s plan. For now he can blame the Senate who does not work with him. His electorate will believe that and thus vote for him again.

The Democrats must therefore come up with a candidate who is much less controversial than Sanders or Clinton.I think Nancy Pelosi would make a good chance if she would put herself in a candidate.But that’s probably not going to happen…

If he is a candidate, he makes a chance.The question is how big that opportunity is. Bernie is a bit old, and would be 79 at his inauguration.

I think Bernie doesn’t really want to go for president himself, but wants to mobilize his supporters again.Many Bernie voters have overflowed to Trump when he lost the democratic candidature of Hillary Clinton.
People must be called back to the Democratic camp.Later, Bernie can then withdraw and possibly push forward another, especially younger, candidate. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is too young, but would otherwise make a good chance. Perhaps someone like Beto O’Rourke would be fit to Enmring the Bernie electorate. Hillary could not do that anyway.

I suspect he’s simply too old. He is almost 80.

Theoretically, all candidates make a chance to win the elections.Otherwise they would not participate.

But in practical terms, it can be a whole tour, for. All candidates.Rarely was the political landscape as messy as in this time.

By the system with electoral men, a large proportion of the votes cast is legally destroyed (and allegedly thatook would be done legally).It also turns out to be possible to influence the outcome of the election in all sorts of creative ways.

Then the Dutch system, although not perfect, is even fairer.

Add to this the complete control system on campaign financing, and the ability to play with commercials ‘ on the Man (or woman) ‘, and to make the other opponent (s) mercilessly black (with or without proven facts), and you will have the answer in my first sentence Better understand it.

I think it’s not simple way around his ideology, Americans are first class patriots proud of their country.Independence Day, George Washington is a hero on both the left and the right. The direct reason that Americans wanted to become independent was the too high interest and the too great bureaucracy/interference of the English.

Americans therefore like to see that the Government is not concerned with their daily lives.Life is hard but hard work pays according to them as well.

The problem with Bernie is that he is a proponent of a socialist system.

We Europeans see free health care and free education as a right opposed to America.Opponents of Bernie want it but they think that this is not fiscally feasible and a kind of socialist drama will be totally now a large stream of migrants from “failed” socialist countries like Venuzuela, Thaiti and almost all Latin/ South American countries according to their inner currents with their same ideology. Bernie prefers to take them up to use them as a type of catalyst to stimulate economic growth.

With right-wing voters, he can therefore forget support, at FAR/extreme left he is very popular but central left they are skeptical because of the socialist treks of him compared to their history and current economic climate.

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