Is bald are really that bad?

All the cousins of my husband are bald.Already at an early age (20 years). When I go out with them it seems like I have a Knok team with me. Furthermore, they have a real head for it, which I think is a problem. It is good.

No though, not at all.It’s getting used to, because you’re very protected, with it. Not only against shocks, but also against air, and against attacks from above. No really, I felt soooooo unsafe with my bald (chemo) head the first days. Until I realized why. And now? No problem. I wouldn’t sit with it if it never came back.

I’m only called a really huge koukleum, which is not handy with a bald head.So I have been walking around a couple of times (ok OK, quite a few times) with a hat and lying in bed and even slept because I was too cold, and I live in a country with a good summer (Kentucky in the USA, summer starts in May and does not stop for October)!

So in aesthetic terms, I’m totally out of it, just in heat.

I often argue with the bald people whether the window should open or close and how high the heating should stand.I got hot very quickly and they often get cold because of that bald head.

No, if you are a man.But it has two drawbacks. The first is that you can suffer from a cold head during the winter. The second thing you bump your head faster–hair has a warning function anyway.

I’m not bald though I’m already 57. My father and Grandpa kept their hair all their lives, though they arose and became increasingly thinner and greyer.And on the crown, there was a bald spot between their seven-fiftieth and the toughest. If they had taken the hundred, they might have become bald anyway. With me this development is the same so far; At present, it is largely opaque, but always greyer and on the crown still a sturdy forest. Although I am not 100% comfortable because the men of mother’s side both got a bare billiard ball.

I find my original color dark blond more beautiful than grey, but I’m not going to dye it.Then you have to update it every few weeks and apart from it: it is not beautiful, too hard, with your skin changed as well. Not only the color, also the structure is no longer the same. My hair eg. is also becoming springeriger, reason to keep it short.

I make as a man of 57 who is still just a bunch of hair on his head is part of a (rather large) minority.At my age, most men are bald on top of their heads.

Is that bad?Not particularly dramatic seems to me. If you have a round head, it can be nice. With an angular head like mine I would not voluntarily choose it. Although I don’t stop anyone, its angular bare test is nice to find.

My girlfriend has been promising for a few years that she stays with me until I get bald like my grandfather and my father.

Not if you can accept it from yourself.

No, on the contrary, it is a kompliment.After all, the more hair, the closer one is to the old troglodyte.