Is Apple losing its innovativeness and where is it possible to find out?

Yes… Sadly though.

In recent years, there is hardly any renewal on both the iOS line and the Mac line.

With iOS , we see an extra camera, a 3d sensor to unlock the device instead of a fingerprint sensor.

All little news, and for less and fewer people a reason to buy a new iphone regularly.

They are still high quality devices, but it’s all nothing new under the sun.

With ipads It’s even worse.Trying to make it a business device doesn’t succeed because iOS is hardly suitable for that, and innovations hardly offer any advantage over the functionality that an older ipad already has.

The advent of ever-improving Windows devices (and Windows 10 at all) like the Microsoft Surface doesn’t help either.

So people keep what they already have.

Then there is the Apple Macintosh.

Earlier, and then I was talking about ten years ago, these were the computers for people who did something with photos or video and also used many (web) developers Macbook Pros.

Meanwhile, the gloss of the entire Mac line has disappeared.

Where a Macbook Pro used to feel solid (and it was, especially in comparison to Dell’s plastic machines and HP at the time), there is now hardly any difference in build quality.

Apple’s quality has deteriorated sharply by the urge to make laptops just thinner and not firmer and more powerful, and both the build quality and the innovation level of the Windows laptops has greatly increased.

The urge to make everything thinner makes sure you can’t poke ram, sometimes the SSD is soldered to the mother board and you can still go on.Apple is also not very flexible in configuration options.

The lack of updates and innovations are the most strongly reflected in the laptops.

A touch bar and a fingerprint sensor have been added, but a laptop with a 4k screen is not yet there.Touchscreens? Not at Apple.

That Touchbar is a gimmick and barely practical.Even with the latest generation of laptops, the keyboard is downright bad. It feels like you’re typing on a shelf, and that sound makes it too.

The GPU?In The high end models you’ll find something from AMD where pretty much everything from Nvidia runs laughing laps around it. Using that GPU for machine learning can be pretty much just with Apple’s own CoreML.

It’s not all.

The Mac Pro has had no significant refresh for years.

The Imac has been given a pro version.But there is also little news under the sun.

Apple seems to be doing just about anything to scare away the users who are asking a little more of their Mac than occasionally some web browsing, typing an email and using Office.

As far as I can judge about it: I still look forward to trying wireless charging.Things like the Watch, don’t interest me. On the other hand, Apple still produces very good appliances.

I’ve been working on a Macbook Pro with Retina screen for a while (since the 2012 version) and it has taken a long time before the rest of the market has finally found a high resolution screen.And slowly, Windows 10 is working properly.

A device with only 4 USB-C ports?Admittedly, I need some adapters, but it’s also very flexible: power left or right, depending on the way it suits. I can connect almost anything: screen on HDMI or VGA (unfortunately not my Apple LED Display), Ethernet, hard drive, USB stick, iPhone, Android Phone, audio interface (both on USB and on FireWire!), mouse, Clickshare,… So universally it has become. I haven’t experienced this with any other device. I only fear that after the USB-C port They will come back with something else.

It is justifiably critical to give Apple’s devices.Price is high, performance not guaranteed. I found the generation for the TouchBar pretty much the top of the laptops. The version afterwards is a pack thinner and unfortunately more vulnerable (printing the keys, no matter how flat, on my screen; Blue appearances of too much to be printed in my backpack; a hhh that occasionally once Hhapert).

On the other hand… While working on an iMac with the wireless small keyboard, I still miss the TouchBar, the TouchId and the big Trackpad all the time.And the flat keys will be yours. That for me is not a breakpoint (although I find the arrow keys do not work so conveniently).

On the other hand, the macOS is still very pleasant and you notice every second that you are working.A pity that the market in which I am active still has a lot of applications running on Windows only.

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