Is an open relationship not going to be outright mutually odd?

No because cheating is generally seen as outside the door sex without permission.In an open relationship it is with permission so it is not cheating.

Like: Taking possession of someone else without permission is called “stealing”.Taking possession of someone else with permission is “borrowing” or “getting”. It would be weird if I borrow something from you and you will suddenly be labeled as “stealing”.

Slightly different; In an open relationship, you give each other permission to meet other romantic and/or sexual partners, in addition to your “permanent” partner in all openness.

There is nothing strange about that.

There is another story that the questioner cannot imagine.

Cheating is beyond the appointments of your relationship dealing.

In an open relationship, you make the appointment that you can do things with others, often within certain limits

That does not mean that you cannot go strange in an open relationship.

(BTW not to be confused with a poly relationship… where you can have multiple relationships, and still can be cheating)

Relational integrity is about the fact that each participant deals with the other (and) in accordance with the expectations and agreements.Within this demarcation/boundary there is room for trust, safety, security and clarity. Exclusive sexuality and romance can play a functional role in this, but not necessarily.

Mr Zebaoth the first and the last one gave in biblical times the space for polygamous relations, which in itself did not have a model examples, the Bible is before the intensive reader rather anti-advertisement for Poly-game relations.But if one acts in relational integer, one can expect the approval or at least a tolerance of God.

Are no one guilty any more than love each other; for whoever loves the other has fulfilled the law “ Rom.13:8).

It is good to note that with love as a guideline, I mean to weigh and justice the interests of ALL those involved, not just those who have a warm heart.So no selective fan club but any person who can be personally touched by changes in dynamics and composition in relational relationships.

Personally, I look at alternative relationships from a rather mild pastoral corner, where a fairly narrow part of other Christians still maintain a reasonably restrictive and negative approach.It is therefore a matter of relational integrity and doing justice to each other (to power and reasonableness!). So it’s also about pro-active care to each other, not just wiping your own alley.

While I believe that a monogamous model for most people is doing the most justice to their authentic core and intrinsic personal functioning, something that every human being should consider, without, however, making alternative choices or by definition as harmful, provided that they act as relational integer.

Both inside and outside ecclesiastical communities, I would mainly take the law of love as norm.I am not talking about infatuation, lust or fine sentiments, but core values of love in respect, reliability, caring, wisdom and honesty. That is the gauge to which I measure the durability of Godly sacred relationships.

Coming back to the question: in the concept of an open relationship, this commandment of love is certainly feasible, although it is a reasonably adventurous company where I have some reservations.Cheating is violating appointments and trust, in which the relational demarcation is violated. That is essentially a sweet operation and rarely to never ethically acceptable.

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