Is a narcissist born or promoted through your life?

Narcissism arises during childhood in children between 2 and 6 years old.However, there must be a hereditary predisposition in the brain to be able to develop the narcissistic defensive mechanism, but if there is no childhood trauma, then someone is not narcissistic.

Children of narcissistic parents are often themselves narcissistic.It may be that they were treated as if they were never good enough, there was often no room for expressing emotions and fragility (which is actually very important during the development of a child), it was often exaggerated considering whether or not they had their best And sometimes they were simply repeatedly humiliated, dispunted and handled hard by their parents.

Another cause is that they are praised too much by the parents, so they actually expect the world to be at their feet and that they are the best, which ultimately is severely disappointing as soon as they move into the wide world.

There is a lot to tell about what mental abuse takes place within such dysfunctional families, but it comes down to the fact that the child never feels good enough, that it is completely worthless as soon as it does not perform, does not win or is not perfect. This permanent, in the brain-wound, fragile self-esteem is often maintained by means of greatness fantasies,-deludings, the affirmation and admiration of others.These defensive mechanisms have therefore had to develop the child in the past in order to survive the abuse. Children are dependent on their parents at this vulnerable age, so they have to find a way to cope with the parents, so they will do everything they can to satisfy the parents and thus try to receive their love.

The adult narcissist is still dependent on the approval, the judgement, the admiration of others and/or his own greatness fantasies to sustain his own value, just like a child looking for the affirmation, admiration and judgment of his parents.A child that should not fail and that should always be the best.

So: whether someone becomes narcissistic is determined by his childhood and education, but hereditary factors play a role.

The answer of Van Alexia is a nice summary.It is true that both a biological predisposition, as well as adhesion problems and childhood traumas can cause narsism. It is not always the case that this also happens. A mother can be a narsistic thing that can cause attachment problems, but the father can represent the feelings that should be sufficient to ensure that any imitation of narsistic treks can become shipping than a whole personality.

In addition, we learn narsistic treks for a large part of our hectation figure (if these are narsistic treks or narsistic) because we imitate behavior as a child.

To diagnotitise a child with a personality disorder I find my approach risky.Until early adolescence a personal is still under development. When the superego begins to form and in the course of adolescence young people also get information from society and assess them with the experiences he/she already has it is safer to make a diagnosis.

Nobody becomes with ern personality disturbance, which is the narcissism, born.At most, there may be some dispositions that make a person particularly susceptible to this disorder from the Cluser B.

The narcissism developed around the 3rd year of life, due to inappropriate parental love, where it is bottom line that the child must satisfy the needs of the parents in order to be loved.As a result, the child with his awaking cognitive means develops an ego that suppresses their own needs.

Only adults can be narcissists, ie.Possess this disorder. Children cannot do that yet. There can also be sufficient potential in the child for cross-border parental love, to develop neurotypically, which, however, requires a lot of power that is lacking for other central development areas.

That is not yet quite clear.There are some theories, but they are not well-founded in science, although they generally think so. It fits in this time to blame many of people’s behavior to circumstances. This can be a test of responsibility for the behaviour.

It is true that two people, grown up in the same circumstances, are not the same.The saying says it: The same sun makes the clay hard but melts the butter.

We all have inclinations, but we do not need to meet them.The narcissist also does not. They make their choice of how to behave, in response to their urge and according to the values they have adopted.

The narcissist is not special in that sense.They alone are not irresistibly driven to their behavior, while other people have a choice.

It is not productive to get rid of the blame.Impeded your growth and teach you. It is also not productive to see others, pure and only as victims. Does not give what the narcissist himself says about it. They always lie, in all sorts of areas, as a result of their stand in life.

Narcissistic cheerful friend.My personal theory is that it comes through unprocessed childhood trauma. Narcissbox was young happened something terrible could not cope with the feelings of shame pain and everything that comes with it. So they turn into small monsters. Of course the case does not compensate but eh seems to me that someone with a good childhood good parents has developed this disorder. Most narcissists are empty from within it’s pain shame ect.

They say during the first two years of life of a child.That is the time when intercourse with feelings is taught. If that did not happen, or error happened, then that never happens again.

But sometimes also a combination of genes and the first few years.

And my ex has not been neglected in the first two years.He does have family members who are just like him. So how exactly is I don’t know. But I think genes are dealing with it.

The word is stimulated by life

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