Is a Hummer a Jeep?

Yes and No.

Jeep is a brand whose name derives from the illustrious vehicle of the Second World War.

After the war, Jeep had arrived at AMC via a number of purchases.When AMC began to run badly Renault considered to take over AMC. AMC was a supplier to the Americasnse army at the time, and was busy with the development of the Humvee.

Because the Pentagon did not want the construction of the Humvee to end with the French, she demanded from AMC that the military department was split off.AMC with the citizen part of Jeep ended up not at Renault, but at Chrysler rightly. The discontinued military branch continued as an independent company under the name AM General.

The Hummer H1, the civilian version of the Humvee is therefore a descendant of the Jeep.He was designed by AMC-Jeep, and eventually built by a fork of AMC Jeep.


Jeep is not for brand nor model of a vehicle but for its use.Jeep is a corruption of the ruling “General Purpose -‘ GP – DjiePie pronounced.
Another explanation refers to GPW, for which G stood for Government de P as code for the wheelbase and W for Willy’s-Overland.

The US Army needed a general-purpose vehicle and bought the Willy’s for that.When you read the specifications, the HUMVEE (Mil version of the HUMMER, High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) would not be heard.
To be allowed to carry the name Jeep, the following requirements must be respected:

  • Maximum empty weight of 1200 lb, later increased to 1308 lb and eventually became 2160 LB
  • Load capacity in terrain 600 lb
  • wheelbase maximum 190 cm (75 “), later extended to 203 cm (80”)
  • Maximum height 91 cm (36 inch), later increased to 102 cm (40 inch)
  • Drive on all four wheels
  • Speed of 80 kilometers per hour on the road

The HUMVEE sits between a Jeep and a truck. A bit similar to the Dodge WC from WWII.

Now, in general language, we usually accept the use of the word Jeep for all 4X4 powered terrain cars.But this term is replaced by SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), but it does not necessarily have a 4X4 drive.

To my knowledge, the term GP -‘ JeeP is not patented.

No.A Hummer is a Hummer and a Jeep is a Jeep. Jeep is a brand, not a type of vehicle.

Short answer; No.

Long answer;

AM General has developed the Hummer for the US Army.

Then in 1999 the brand name and production rights were sold to General Motors (GM).

Jeep was once an independent brand.Was later acquired by AMC (American Motors Corporation) which in 1987 again in its entirety, including brand names owned by that company, was acquired by Chrysler.

What Alex writes is true, but for the so far, a piece of military history precedes it.On the basis of various sources and books, I wrote in my early years as a publisher/journalist next story and I add it to this. See what you have to it.

Really for all possible use

Undoubtedly the most famous (military) vehicle from the Second World War is the Jeep.To replace the old vehicles, the US Department of Defense was looking for a solution already in the thirties of the last century. The 脗1/2-ton Ford Marmon-Herrington was later called the 脗 鈧?艙grandfather of the Jeep and actually delivered around 1936 to the Belgian army, but did not fully meet. Finally, when the Second World War was to arrive, a call for tenders was launched in 1940 for a general-purpose vehicle for the transport of personnel and goods, especially suitable for exploration and command; … In the 脗1/4-Ton-class and with four-wheel drive… 鈧?A first attempt, of the Bantam Car Company was literally too light to be found, then served both Bantam and Ford and Willys a prototype at the same time. After much Geharrewar, Massa s test vehicles and political pressure of A.O. Henry Ford, the Willy-Overland came with the lowest price from the tender. Because Willys had insufficient production capacity, the Government decided that Ford would also build the vehicle and gave the code name GPW (G for governmental, P for wheelbase and W for Willys).

About the origins of the word 鈧?艙jeep 鈧? the quite a few versions do the rounds.The most widespread suggests, that it is a corruption of the military term GP (pronounced as djiepie), which stands for General Purpose or (a vehicle for) general use.

But then there are others who say: 鈧?艗none of it!The name comes from a cartoon figure! 鈧? Indeed in 1936 a new figure was introduced in the popular 鈧?艙comic Strip 鈧?Popeye. 鈧?艙Eugene the Jeep 鈧?was a kind of dog that walked on his hind legs and solved all sorts of complicated problems for Popeye.

But some specialised military historians go one step further and argue that the word 鈧?艙jeep 鈧?was already in use during the First World War.Mecaniciens, who recovered the vehicles, called each new type that they got under hands 鈧?艙jeep 鈧? say 鈧?艙dinges 鈧? That notion was allegedly extended to all new or experimental equipment, even planes, because the prototypes of the famous bomber B-17 Flying Fortress (Flying Fortress) also got the nickname 鈧?艙jeep 鈧? You choose which version you like most or most likely.

The Jeep was used during the Second World War on all the battle scenes in Europe and in the Pacific Ocean.In total, almost 650 000 pieces were built. Not only in the classic version for passenger transport, but also a 鈧?艗red cross 鈧?version for transport of hurt people, an amphibious model and even a version that could drive on train tracks. After the war, there were once again fierce discussions about who could enter the name 鈧?艙Jeep 鈧? Willys-Overland acquired final the right to use excluding the term Jeep as brand name and until today the company is Jeep manufacturer of all-terrain wagons for military and civilian use.

Jeep, is part of DaimlerChrysler and

Builds 8 different models, which fall under the denominator SUV (sport utility vehicle).The two types of Wrangler still resemble the original Willys Jeep.

Since Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, has sold its majority in Chrysler, the Jeep is now a subsidiary of Chrysler.

鈧?艙Belgische 鈧?Jeeps

The reconstituted Belgian Army initially received Jeeps in loan from the US Army, but soon became a material of Belgian soil, the Minerva Land Rover.The Minerva factory, which previously built prestigious Personenauto s, was dying after the war after death, but the great boss of Roggen managed to convince the government to survive the factory by the British Land Rover’s assembly licensed. The factory in Antwerp was able to deliver up to 50 vehicles per day and in total the Belgian army bought more than 5000 pieces. There were also light armored versions, equipped with machine guns, and on the other hand, burequal versions.

Successor of the Jeep

While there are hundreds of original Willys Jeeps around the world and are often lovingly maintained by amateurs of militaria, Uncle Sam’s army has been a successor for a long while, which became especially known during the first Gulf war against Iraq.The nickname of this extra wide vehicle is 鈧?艙Humvee 鈧?and that is derived from the military code HMMWV which stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. In the meantime, this vehicle got the baking criticism because of the vulnerability, for mines, so-called roadside bombs and even for light weapons. American soldiers initially went on their own expense to buy steel plates to protect themselves somewhat from snipers in the Iraqi cities. Now the US Army supplies armored versions, but thereby Humvee s become sluggish and less Effective. The Humvee exists in at least 18 versions, but has had its longest time. It is experimented with a possible successor, the Ultra AP.

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