Is a European army a good idea?

Is it, in theory, a good idea?

Yes.Together we are stronger. We notice that we are able to fight with NATO more broadly against Russia, but also to a large extent lean on the US. A European army may not be as strong as the whole of NATO now, but it is a formidable opponent.

Even without the US, a European military force would still have nuclear weapons, modern Main Battle Tanks, good firearms and modern fighter planes.In other words: a formidable opponent for Russia.

However, the problem lies somewhere else: Nationalist thoughts.And then not of the kind that leads to world wars, but something smaller-scale. I can hardly imagine that many Spanish soldiers will be happy to serve under a Greek commander. Or that a Dutch kite would like to serve under a Polish commander.

So until we can remedy this problem, it is simply very difficult to unite all individual armed forces under the European flag.For the time being, we will have to do it with large-scale exercises to ensure that all armed forces are well connected.

That is not really a bad solution, I think so.

It’s more than a good idea; It is a necessity.

The EU is an economic giant, a growing political power but a military dwarf, and that is an extremely dangerous combination.

Foreign politicians who cannot win an economic power game with the EU will soon want to make the rules of the game politically and if they cannot win there, to the military power game and that is life-threatening, because that invites to war.

In this way, NATO’s current construction has been outdated for years, and the Americans have also awakened to that point.We are no longer an extremely wealthy giant on one side of that ocean and a small group of falliete and shaky land like that, say, was in 1950. NATO must either get a second equivalent European pillar or it will fall apart with potentially miserable consequences for Europe, including possible war.

I am a great supporter of a European army that replaces all the national armies of the Member States.But before we are so far, there must be quite a few obstacles to overcome. First a unit language must come. English is advisable because of the NATO context. The Member States must put their pride aside. I estimate that 2 to 3 generations must pass before we are so far. The problem lies with the current generations that can be very badly opposed to adaptation and that extrapolate to the youth.

But for the rest there are nothing but benefits.

Only one public tender for the respective purchases.
Uniformity in terms of material and ammunition.
Recruitment problem is less acute because it does not depend on individual Member States.
Cheaper because no multiple procedures to tackle one problem.

What shouldn’t it be?A co-raapsel of national units. That is to say we are going to slide in terms of units. Suppose we want 2 para command units. Instead of having each Member State or its equivalent, we opt for some geographic locations. One could have a single in Portugal and a one in the Netherlands. And these are filled with candidates from the EU. My candidature is accepted and I am Belgian? Well I will serve in Portugal or the Netherlands depending on the vacant places. In the US, that is no different. You can live in Alaska and be stationed in Texas. And you are going to try to settle your life there.

Who has problems with it?The current generation! Within 3 generations, they simply laugh that we were so narrow-minded so many years earlier. If one keeps thinking in terms of legislating hours, then we never come. Long-term thinking is indispensable here!
The selfish and egocentric thinking becomes the biggest stumbling block.

Against whom should that army fight?Are there enemies where every EU citizen wants to be killed? Are there any EU generals who send death as easily as a Romanian as a French regiment? Are there any wars that are purely EU and do not fall under the NATO umbrella? Can you dispel the fear that zo N Army will ever be deployed against inconsiderating regimes within the EU?

I believe it is much more effective if all European NATO members cease to see the armed forces as a closing post and consider 2% of the budget as a minimum in place of a rather high ceiling.It is time for Europe to become an awe-seeing military force in the United States. Even after Trump, the US will be less willing to protect Europe. Time to mature so.

Of course I am not a military strategist, but my healthy housewives mind tells me that a European army would be totally unworkable.

Main reason: Language!

During WO-I, Flemish soldiers were commanded to follow French-speaking officers.With all the consequences and misunderstandings that it entails.

Europe is not comparable to the United States of America.The US does count several communities that speak the language of their original country, but the language is English. What would be the nationality of the Supreme Commander?

Ha, and this may seem ridiculous, but if the Italians do not get pasta, the Belgians do not have fries, the Hungarians do not goelash, the Germans do not sauerkraut with sausage, the French no baguette and camembert 鈧?娄 the love of the soldier for Europe is also going through the Stomach.Not to mention religious food rules yet.

Europe hangs with a pack rope and spit at each other and then the countries would solidarity the enemy-which enemy?-Have to fight?

Finally, should there be no referendum in Britain, or do they want to be part of鈩?N European Army?The British have experience with war on the continent of Europe.

Alas, there is a European climate law rather than a European army.

Not a bad idea.Only how to fill in the details will be problematic. How did the French can partly escape from 1 NATO command? How is NATO NOW organised? The French have an army part of Desperados that they can use to arbitrariness everywhere.

Hmm 鈧?娄 During the Second World War, Hitler had in fact about a 鈧?艗european 鈧?Army: On the Eastern front, besides the Germans also fought: French, Belgian, Dutch, Italian, Slovak, Romanian butts.

I would dare argue that the Germans with all those aliens were not very pleased…

So?European Army a good idea?…

Militarily speaking, but few countries are waiting for a European army dominated by Germany and France.In large parts of Europe, the memory of Nazi Germany’s occupation, supported by Vichy France, is still too strong. How unjustifiably this is also to the Germans of now. The French will only use an EU army to serve French interests. The way in which the French government and the Army summit, because of French interests through UN Commander Janvier, the Bosniers and Dutchbat delivered to the Serbs, is illustrative of this.

No, although we can pull together on missions.However, I think we should be more ricting on western cooperation.So: Well with the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, not with Eastern European countries that still experience the effects of communism.

A common European state is a delusional concept based on geography; It was thought that because (a large part of) North America functions as a country, the smaller Europe could be too.This North American country called the US, however, is a collection of former colonies, with a common culture, language and identity. The American population is of various origins, but these people have adapted to the American culture and the identity adopted and distributed freely by the US. There is no cultural difference between California and New York. Both are American territories with German, African, Jewish and Italian Americans, just like Noord-Holland and Overijssel both are Dutch subdivisions with Frisian, Moroccan, Turkish and Surinamese Dutch. However, Europe is a continent with many small countries in it, each with its own culture and identity. So although it is geographically similar to the US, it is culturally simply a higher nieau, namely a collection of distinct countries and cultures. And that is why a federal Europe is a delusional idea.

Above, why should Europe become one and the rest of the world if necessary?There is a lot of child national unity in African countries and former branch colonies with the same language could also be easy together. Think of the US with Canada, Australia with New Zealand (was also just invited to become a part of Australia) and very Spanish-speaking America.

I am a Dutchman, living in the Netherlands, just like you can be a Amerikaa in the USA. Europe/The EU is a collection of countries and not a country itself, unlike the US. Yes, the Netherlands is smaller than the US and other great powers, but I prefer to live in my little Netherlands with all its flaws than in a large, powerful country where I do not feel anything, without any national coherence, far from the citizen, including cultures where I Have nothing with it and you probably don’t.You should know how they think about minorities in Honarije 鈧?娄

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