In your opinion, which foreign Constitution should we also add to the Dutch Constitution?

No.Our Constitution has the most beautiful first article of all constitutions.

Article 1. All those who are in the Netherlands are treated equally in equal cases.

Discrimination because of religion, belief, political disposition, race, sex or any other grounds is not permitted.

Of course I do have a few personal wishes.The Constitution should have direct effect, but I also understand how difficult it will be, because then we also hear measures in it. So that still requires some thought.

And I also think that the Americans ‘ example is nice, with numbered amendments, because you will then be able to imagine and keep the history of the Constitution.But the internal coherence of the law is being disadvantaged.

I am a Democrat, so Republican.Hereditary functions do not belong. Therefore, kings and princesses do not belong to constitutions. But yes, most people in the Netherlands still want it, and a constitution should fit the people he was made for. We do have worse things on our heads, so let’s face it. And in addition, it has saved us that a few totally inappropriate figures have become head of state here. You will still be stuck with such a Trump. No, then I still prefer what we have now.

The German eternity clause would be a good addition.A number of things are not amendable. Democracy cannot, therefore, abolish democracy, not even with 2/3 or an even greater majority. Human rights, the rule of law, the separation of powers, the Republic and the Federation are untouchable.

A judicial review like most constitutions would be a good thing.Now laws that violate the Constitution cannot be put out of action.

According to the preamble, the Constitution is issued by the king to the people.The Constitution has therefore been imposed from above. In the US, the Constitution begins with 鈧?艙We the people 鈧? Here the Constitution comes from below to curb the government.

The first Art.and 20th Art. of the German constitution. The first Art. says that human dignity is untouchable, Art. 20 that the state is a democratic social state where the state power is exercised by the people. Importantly is further the eternity clause in ART. 79 those the art. 1 and 20 invariably make.

The Netherlands can all art.of its constitution by a two-thirds majority and a simple majority after elections arbitrarily change. A political organization that wants to make the Netherlands, for example, a patriarchal Protestant Christian dictatorship, or wants to sell the Netherlands to the most promising is not in conflict with the Constitution.Other options are of course also possible.

The separation between church and State (la茂cit茅) as enshrined in article 1 of the French Constitution.Including the prohibition of wearing religious clothing or symbols by public servants.

Article does not apply to the German departments of Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin and Moselle.


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