In What work situation was a small mistake developed into a catastrophe?

There are many work situations in which mistakes occur.Often minor flaws that seem insignificant. Sometimes these mistakes cause killing, as in my last example.

Space travel:

The Genesis (space probe)-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia , hit the earth because on a PCB a number of parts had been wrongly soldered.Because of this, the returning probe did not mean that it was pouring down and the parachute was not unfolded.

The mirror that Perkin-Elmer built for the Hubble telescope was not tested by time pressure, against the advice of the engineers who built it.When the telescope was put on in the room it turned out that it had an error. It took NASA a lot of effort and money to check how. Hubble Space Telescope-Wikipedia


In many software written in the last century, the year was given only two decimal places.This could cause major errors, such as long-term loans or bonds and ages. For example, a high-aged student received a letter that she had to go to kindergarten. But still this error causes problems.
Mistakes like letters to the elderly do not seem so annoying in themselves, but the industry has cost a lot of money to correct this.
High elderly back to school by ‘ Millenniumbug ‘
104-year-old receives letter from municipality: You may go to Kindergarten


There are many things that can go wrong in aviation, however, flying is one of the safest ways of traveling.Lately, aviation has been under the spell of the Boeing 737-Max airplane problems where software updates could have prevented crashes.
Another example is that of the Etihad Airbus test setup in Toulouse that went completely wrong.An engine test was performed on a plane that would be delivered quickly. Etihad’s test crew set the engines to full power. The system on the plane protested because it detected that it was on the ground, that the brakes were activated AND that the engines turned to full force (just compare with the warning that your handbrake is still attracted and you start driving). One of the test-crew turned off the alarm. However, this operation also caused the brakes to be thrown out in the Spik-brand new airplane. The plane shot ahead and crashed against a concrete wall.
Etihad Airbus Crashes Into Wall During Testing


At the Hyatt Hotel in Kansas City (Missouri, USA) One wanted many walkways in the lobby.It would give a lot of guests a nice view on the floor and would impress. They devised a construction to hang these walkways. Long poles from the ceiling would hang the footbridges where each bridge would rest on a nut that would be screwed to the pole. The Poles had two footbridges above each other.
The construction of the poles was a bit tricky.The pole to which it should be screwed should have thread from the bottom to below the upper walkway. At the last moment, the design of the bridge construction was changed (which in design already did not meet the building regulations). The upper bridge hung on the pole attached to the ceiling. Beneath the bridge was a nut screwed to the pole to carry this bridge. In addition, one had a shorter rod attached to the upper bridge with a nut that bore the lower bridge. The result was that the nut carrying the upper bridge also had to carry the lower bridge. In the original design, another nut would have worn the lower bridge.

A year after the opening of the hotel there was a dance party.

1600 people gathered in the lobby. The bridges broke while the party was getting underway and 114 people came to life.
Hyatt Regency walkway Collapse-Wikipedia

Fukushima, is a good candidate.

The VDAB, and my quest for work.

Another lucky thing I am an entrepreneur!

Otherwise, after more than 8 years I still had no work (despite their idiotic steps plans).

Approximately in each work situation.

What matters is what you do then, if you have noticed it.

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