In what areas is the Netherlands hopeless behind the rest of the world?

I do not fully oversee what is happening in the rest of the world, but have ever been across the border,

Especially in South Korea where I have stayed for a long time.

I still have to laugh at that time, years back, that in South Korea I called for a defect to the manufacturer of some gadget I had bought.

I immediately got someone on the line.

I got back from terror and I laid down.

Immediately I was called back,

And within 2 working days I had a new copy.

A few months back, our light alarm clock went haping and I called the manufacturer:

Choice menu-drop-down menu-connected by employee to another employee-employee had no required knowledge-called back by other employee.

After two weeks I still had a stuttle light alarm clock.

“Hopeless behind” sounds a bit dramatic, but we can still take steps.

Nothing.We are stuck somewhere behind, but nowhere hopeless. In Most things we are leading the world. The other north-West European countries want to do better here and there, fortunately there is still enough to be desired.

But we are a society that has been leading the World Summit in every conceivable way for more than five hundred years-and on every aspect we do not have at home, we turn out to be able to make the cover quite quickly.

So hopeless it’s nowhere.

The legal system.Unlike most countries, we do not have direct scrutiny of the Constitution. The government can still issue decrees which are contrary to the Constitution, without a citizen being open to justice.

Of course, international treaties, especially the European, have picked up the sharpest edges (thankfully).But in essence we are hopelessly behind it.

Compared to the rest of the world, we are relatively good.

Points of interest for the Netherlands are:

Technical innovations, in which China is leading and enters the US in the 2nd place.Don’t think we’ll ever catch up with them.

Our country must still have agriculture and livestock.Furthermore, we hardly produce anything. We are engaged in stupid activities like 鈧?虄move Things鈩? Think of Port Rotterdam, Schiphol and other logistic transport.

Comes through:

Regularity.Complex legislation for example fiscally. And furthermore, a gigantic paper shop has been created in many sectors including education, financial sector and care.

As a result, we lose a lot of time, innovations are limited and people get frustrated with bullcrap jobs where we engage each other.We have created a kind of large social workshop.

Decision-making is slow and often does not reach the goal by polders and compromises.

I am very worried.

I seriously get the impression that this topic is ideally suited for people who feel comfortable complaining.

The Netherlands is known abroad among other things for the excellent organization of public transport, and many buienlanders (especially Americans) are amazed at how independent and empowering Dutch women are.

Of course it can always be better, but to say that the Netherlands is hopeless behind for these reasons is absolutely chartered.

If we do not look forward, someone will soon tell us that the Netherlands is lagging behind in the area of water management, or bicycle infrastructure.


It’s really fucking disgusting that newborn boys because parents want to be circumcised.

The only reason that nit is forbidden is because one does not want to be accused of 鈧?艙antisemitisme 鈧?or 鈧?艙islamophobia. Had this been something Christians, it had long been forbidden.


Is This now equality?I think it is an immoral and antisocial principle that the whole population is obliged to give one family a rich life. And the Dutch but whine on top men in the business life that have too much. At least they do not have to be paid with your tax cents. It is also old-fashioned and shameful.

Fathers rights

The Netherlands is not a positive exception in the free Western world when it comes to fathers ‘ rights.

I could talk about how fathers are weaker in lawsuits and so often their child can see little to their liking.That men get almost standard less guardianship and pay for alimony I find myself a gross mistake that promotes traditional sex roles, but given that I do not have the figures and many have already discussed this, I leave this aside.

I should like to talk about a reversed situation.

If a woman becomes pregnant, she can take an abortion or leave the child for adoption.People who are against abortion will still have no problem if the woman is the child for adoption; They even promote it as an alternative. Almost no one would want to oblige a woman (legally) to take parenthood .Thus it is determined: a woman may (during pregnancy) determine himself to be older or not

But what about men?What if a man hears that he becomes a father and the mother wants to keep the child, but he just doesn’t see it? Oh No, it is a motherfucker and he must take his responsibility. To be men.How is that right? How can a mother choose not to be a parent, but a man does not?

鈧?艗yes but uhhh you know if the father is absent the child grows up with but 脙 漏 脙 漏 n Older so you are a 鈧?/p>

Well, let us only prohibit single women from going to the sperm bank.But no, they are even financially helped by the Government with children, although they do not have a father. And then a man may not have a free choice to refuse parenthood, after it (accidentally) has a woman pregnated?

This is why I am interested in the concept of “paper abortion 鈧?/b>”, a possibility for an organic father to distance himself during pregnancy from parenting, including all rights and obligations.It is still nowhere legal, but there are discussions about this in Denmark and Sweden. I have never heard about anyone In the Netherlands.

Feminism has been very important and still important for the freedom, equality and (further) emancipation of women.But there are also subjects where men are correctly disadvantaged. And This is also extremely important for women’s emancipation. I could of course have also talked about where women are disadvantaged in the Netherlands, but I Think that Anna has done that very nicely.

I believe there is nothing in which the Netherlands is hopeless in relation to other countries.In fact, I think it is at the forefront in many areas. However, there is one thing that strikes me again and again, and that is the abominable low level of the waitstaff in the hospitality industry.

Poverty, infant mortality, hunger, war, crime, illiteracy, corruption.

Air quality

CO2 2010

NO2 2014

The monarchy could finally be abolished.

It is of the hope that we should not choose our own head of state, but not just him but his whole family of income.

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