In his essay on Houellebecq, Thierry Baudet mentions him: ‘ The real lost generation ‘, because he was born in 1956. How can anyone born in 1956 be part of the ‘ real lost generation ‘?

That is correct.1956 (a.o. by the sociologist Henk Becker) is mentioned in the Netherlands as the starting year for the lost generation. See Wikipedia generation X for more details. Really, the hopelessness was extremely frustrating.

Because someone who is between 1956 and 1968 (a part of generation X/The Lost Generation), like Me (1964), falls anywhere exactly in between.Too late for all the particles that the baby boomers had and too early to actually be able to participate in the IT boom that started from mid-90 in the Netherlands. The tail of generation X did have that luck: when I became 35, I was suddenly veuls too old, while a few years later, when people from 1969 – 1979 were pitching 35, that was suddenly still young and all the annoying aspects were settled away. 40 +, my age when they became 35, was suddenly too old. And I dare to put money on it that when people from 1969 – 1979 and later 50, 50 is suddenly very young ITT until now. The beautiful jobs were all forgiven when generation X came on the market (in the midst of a recession), ITT the baby boomers who profited from economic high tide. When the market started to attract, exactly when people who were born between 1969 and 1980 came to the market, Generation X was already considered too old to actually admit it.

Millennials have their own problems; But as bad as generation X it had (already from the beginning of your career with an incredible viewpoint to be confronted and that also not to see solved when that same viewpoint disappears because the next generation that opportunities for Claiming and you are seen as too old), they have never had it and have not had any post-war generation.Nowadays, there are veul more hip companies that only take millennials and there are many more opportunities to get started as millennial as we had when we came to the market.

Baby Boomers may have had the most luck of all: they were everywhere at the right moment and benefited from them optimally, now want to not give up their position and, as spoiled assemblagen like Trump (also a baby boomer) start Be very weird when they get to know that their privileged position is disappearing.

I have never understood that either.Born in 1957 I have just picked up something from the years 60, and I ended up in an economy that still made a lot of growth possible. I was quick at the ICT evolution and bought one of the first calculators when I was still in school. A (lonely) scharenslept came a little while by year and to make a phone call I had to go to the station. When I started working (for the first importer of the Apple [, I have myself let a line install to my room.

The political situation was also questionable: Iron Curtain and atomic threat, democracy was not yet everywhere in Europe (France with the Gaule, Spain)… European institutions did not exist either.

To make a long story short: Almost all automation and urbanisation has been initiated and largely implemented by our generation.

Born in the 60 ‘s?Then you hear at home in the lost generation

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