In English you say ‘ I need you to (do this) ‘. That sounds decidedly and not unkind. How can you better translate that instead of ‘ you must ‘, ‘ Do you want ‘ or ‘ do this ‘?

I would say myself “Would you be for me […. can/want to do. “

That is I think most correspond to the thrust of “I need you to [….”

A very neat way would be: “Would you be so kind as to do this or do that”.

Edit: When rereading understand that it’s about the NL translation.I would translate it as: “Can you do this or that for me”.

Google Translate does translate it kindly: Google Translate: I need you to do this.

So In Dutch you can say that I need you to do something.So “need” translate with “needing” and not with “need”…

‘, ‘ I would only use it within a certain authority relationship, or if you are more or less a part of it.You don’t just say that to a friend. ‘ I need you to sign this ‘ is ‘ you have to sign this for me ‘. ‘ I need you to listen ‘ and ‘ you really have to listen to me now ‘. ‘ I need you to help me ‘. ‘ I need your help ‘. You actually indicate that it is not optional.

“,” I would like you to do this for me.

It is difficult to translate exactly.But when someone says that to you, that person will not be opposed to it.

It is not unkind, but with the utmost emphasis.The English language is very suitable for this. Our language less. We will have to use more words to say the same. I think you’re using something like:

“Listen, it is of the utmost importance that you do this for me.” Very close to the area.And then you also have to use the correct focus tone.

Good luck.

“I need you to do this”, has been leaving the other person little choice before.Actually, you could also translate this as: it’s really imperative that you do this.

However, do you want to convey a kind request, a favor, you say better “Would you like to do this?” You can also use the following construction: “Would You do me a favor and do this?”

There is also a possible construction in which you formally ask a question, but at the same time indicates that the other is actually obliged to go into your request e.g.: “May I ask you to please go away?” But this can also not be compelling, but if a friendly request is used: “May I ask you to go to the store for me?” In This case, you are going to beg direction earlier.You give here to know rather what to be desperate.

A command to use as “do this”, can simply by: “Go to the store and get me a bottle of milk”, “Start studying now!”

What is still possible:

Give someone the counsel to do something, but also at the same time emphasize the need: “You shouldn’t go to that shop anymore”, or “You should quit smoking”

Stronger than the foregoing, you use when it comes to a legal obligation: “You musn’t drink and drive”.

“I need you to do this” is not unkind but direct.
“I need” indicates that it is important and urgent for the questioner.

In Dutch culture, we soon have something like “Well, can’t it be less?”

But compare the one here with it.

“You have to do this for me…”


“You have to do this for me….”

These two sentences can be interpreted very differently but do not forget that in English you have no “you/You” but only you.

I have literally experienced this situation several times and in the end also just asked the question.I was explained that it was to indicate urgency. In The Netherlands, we soon have something like “Why is my problem? “

You could say

I want you to do this for me…

With the right intonation, you make it clear that it must be done and that it is important

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