Imagine if you had enough money for it, would you buy a Tesla or a Mercedes? What are the reasons for your choice?

Because action radius is my greatest consideration and I feel the range anxiety of people with electric cars as a concept very good, I choose a G-class Mercedes to enjoy the mountains.

I can say Tesla and the environment etc etc but I am not convinced that I can ride over a gravel path or by fat blubber, let alone cross a mountain river.

With this Mercedes it can be very good.

A Jerrycan diesel is easy to carry but finding a charging pole in a UNESCO park is not a part of it.Of course I would opt for hydrogen if it could;)


I like the interior of a Tesla spartan compared to that of an (even expensive) Mercedes.

All kinds of luxury options that Mercedes has but also all kinds of safety systems such as multi-beam LED lighting do not know Tesla at all.

The construction quality of the (more expensive) models of Mercedes is also a lot better than that of Tesla.

The self-propelled systems of both are about as good, where Tesla does benefit from regular software updates that add features.That is something Mercedes can still learn from.

The range of a Mercedes usually lies between 600 and 1100 km depending on the type of car and the fuel.Refueling will cost you 5 minutes. With a Tesla this is 400 -500km, and it takes a full charge of at least 4.5 hours. At a fast charging station you can get 150 km of range in 20 minutes.

In terms of electric driving, Tesla has a few years ahead.Mercedes will release a full electric line in the coming years and it is waiting to see how they relate to Tesla in terms of range, acceleration power, etc.

Mercedes or Tesla?Why should I buy those if you also have this:

(Would ‘ em still be able to buy too, he’s so ugly that I find him adorable!)

Or this:


Well if I had to choose (if there are people with pistols and stuff) then I would buy a Tesla.

Mercedes I have never found anything to. Tesla-actually not, but you don’t have to pay extra for the use of turn signals. Mercedes directional indicators are 5 times more expensive, hence no one purchases them and therefore does not use them.


Overvalued and overpriced.


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