I’m going to celebrate the carnival in Maastricht for the first time, what do I have to know? What can I expect?

Carnival in Maastricht.That’s definitely something that you have to grow once, especially if you’re celebrating carnival.

Male companionship better not wear tie on Thursday.This is guaranteed.

Come dressed, although you only have 1 weird thingy.The better the Gekker, you will be absorbed less quickly in the party if you do not.

If you don’t speak/know Limburgs/Maastricht, you may feel a little lonely.If you have Maastricht friends, this will be less the case.

Carnivalshits are sung loud (but not necessarily pure, or intelligible) and/or dragged along.And, above all, in the Limburgs/Mestreechs.

If you want to order something other than alcoholic beverage, especially early in the day, you’ll get it, but you’ll see them think you’re not really a party beast.Don’t get any of that, because they accept it.

In some areas around Maastricht (perhaps even in Maastricht itself, although I don’t know for sure) you will, especially if you come from above the rivers, not be accepted as 鈧?虄one of the guys .The speaking and understanding of (Dromken < grin >) Limburgs/Mestreechs does help.

Being groped if you (especially as a lady) is dressed airy/sexy, is unfortunately not avoidable.

Furthermore, you are supposed to have a lot of fun and have it.But, despite most of the above, that works fine.

I grew up in Maastricht from my fourth to my nineteenth year.Carnival was something that I deweek as much as possible. Unfortunately, when you grow up in Maastricht, you have to be in school, which I found terrible. Dressed up people, drunk, big groups, loud, sweaty (and more), there/I have fear. People who do not show you the whole year will fall you around the neck with “Ah Kiss shoe jungske kom es hei”. Vastelaovond Kln safely at home on television I found it funny. Especially when my favorite comedians did their sketches. The Klsch was easy to understand for me as a Maastrichtenaar.

I would say: do not drink too much and go with a group of friends.

People crazy dressed and in one form or another more or less stunned.Fewer inhibitions, on the one hand because they are dressed and on the other hand the average condition. Often you come across people closer to their true nature. Because it is dressed up, this resembles a form of 鈧?虄madmen鈩?and 鈧?虄anonimiteit鈩?that one more often behaves more like their true selves.

And of course just a lot of alcohol.

Unfortunately I live on the other side of the Netherlands.I have been in Maastricht once a few days with school, in the past. It was a fine, on-Dutch city. For people from Belgium or France, Maastricht, I think, has a familiar feeling. I found Maastricht great, although I was not there with carnival. I don’t like carnival either. I don’t have a Catholic background. Therefore perhaps.

I do not know anything about carnival in Maastricht, but I do know: Maastricht is a very charming city!:-)

So, do!

In the time I lived in Maastricht (as a student) it was customary with the carnival that everyone was unrecognizable (including face paint).

I also remember that there is a mestrehowever carnivals song pageant every year. The winner will be added to the winners of all previous years.This makes it difficult for outsiders to sing along.

Drunk people

Since I have never noticed a carnival in Maastricht or elsewhere I can only guess one thing, is indeed dress you up warmly because it can be cold all day outdoors.

And I wish you a lot of fun there!

Thanks for request.

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