I’m going on vacation in New York and Las Vegas. What should I prepare in advance? (Travel tips, papers, medications?)

You must fill in a so-called Advanced Passengers Information (API) right after booking.In addition, you must fill in a so-called Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) with information about the duration of your stay, your address there, your home address, your contact details, the contact details of the person or persons you reside in, or Plan to place a bomb and/or do other terrorist things (do not fill in the Gein Yes! They have no sense of humor and you will inevitably get into trouble), or you have been part of Nazi Germany (albeit with the extinction of actual survivors of the war, that question gradually disappears) and more of that kind Questions and Info.

Be sure to fill out your Passport number-the smallest mistake can cause you to fill out such a form at the airport again, which can cause delays and unnecessarily cost extra money.It costs 14 or $15 to get that form completed and approved. In addition, you make sure that your passport is valid for at least half a year at the time you are travelling.

Esta Enter here:

Official ESTA Application Website, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

This is mandatory-don’t think you’ll get away with it.

After that it depends on where you fly-from Dublin It’s easy: the US Customs is here at Dublin Airport and you get the whole screening here in Dublin already done, so you can just step out of the plane in the US, grab your suitcases from the BA nd and your merry little passage can go, as if you were flying within the US.Luckily it is reasonably efficient here and you are about to finish after fifteen minutes. When you fly to the US for the second time within two years (ESTA is valid for 2 years), it is even easier here: you go to the airport to a kiosk where you do the things that are otherwise done by the Beamte. Is even faster; You are coming into a faster queue before you are at the official who will ask you the same questions as else. One really annoying drawback is that you have to do two times your shoes and clothes to go through the security-1 time for Dublin Airport itself and then again for US security.

From most other airports, when you arrive, you get the whole screening circus at the airport of arrival: After you have gone through the security, you have to come to a beamto ask you all sorts of questions.Where you work, when you go back again etc. You have to take fingerprints and a picture of you will be taken. When you have done all that, you are ready.

In addition to all this, you (also here in Dublin) have to fill in a white form in which you communicate what you are bringing to the US-how much money, whether you bring animals and plants or seeds (should not!) and so on.

That was quite a bit.At least, it was still so last year.

Source: Dozens of times flown to the US and still not quite used to it, all those states.

I would especially mentally prepare myself if I were you.The US is not the most friendly country, especially in the big cities.

That starts at the airport entry: try to get to the toilet on the plane before landing, so that you no longer have that need at the airport.As soon as you land, the plane will rush out and run to that immigration because every person who is in front of you means waiting longer. If you are fast you can avoid long queues of 2 to 3 hours.

The mental preparation will certainly come in handy for immigration.There are friendly people in between, but you can also take the wrong person. I have already experienced 2 or 3 times that I really felt a huge rage attack, because they really tried to make it personal. Why??? I still don’t know! I don’t seem to be the only one with such an experience, so don’t try to cheerfully kwebbelen. And do not shoot in your defensive mode, because that does not help. Just answer the questions, and for the rest ‘ Sorry, yes Sir & Amen ‘. The question you can expect anyway is where you go. So you have to get the address of a hotel or something.

The CBP is really bad, but also don’t expect too much kindness from people inside the USA.People are often somewhat suspicious and closed. But that doesn’t make them yet the batters what works at CBP, though!

Furthermore just enjoy and learn the trip.

Las Vegas can get really hot, but luckily you may just drink alcohol on the street.I liked that myself always, bit in the Sun walk with a beer there. Make sure that your snack has a paper bag around it, it has to be covered in my opinion.

For the rest keep in mind that nothing is free in the US. In the US, many of the ‘ tips ‘ are being lived.So does someone carry your suitcase to your hotel room? Give a dollar or two. Will someone deliver a drink? Toes! Have you opened an account? Give at least 10% tip anyway. You normally write your tip under the total amount on the voucher. That Fooien-culture is different from the Dutch culture though. I have been used to it a bit, but if you go there for the first time it is definitely advisable to read about it.

If you want to experience a more friendly environment, you can also just drive through Las Vegas towards Mexico!Although the distances are somewhat larger on this part of the world.

I have to say that the US is a really beautiful country in terms of nature and landscapes. From Las Vegas you can reach the Grand Canyon within 5 hours, seems to be very beautiful.I’ll also be coming to neighborhoods soon!

There is a free GPS navigation app from Scout, Scoutgps, where you can already upload maps to your phone at home.You can use it without a data connection and I walk through every city and country. Also indicates the underground routes of the metro and the speed limit, which is useful because if you drive too hard in the US ‘ they will take you to jail ‘ because you are foreign.

Take a portable WiFi router where you can cross the data card you buy there.Your mobile phone connects you to WiFi with that router, so you keep your own number and you still have data.

Take the PIN for your mobile phone and a pen to fill in your visa application.Naw and Tel of your residence address in your hand baggage.

If you do not have a credit card, please ask for a prepaid.You desperately need it.

It is good to rustle a course of antibiotics through your GP.A hand sanitizer with alcohol is something that you’ll want to use amazingly often. Buy those cheap support stockings for the plane at Hema or action. At decathlon a foldable back pocket of a euro. In hand luggage. You are sure to be 40 Euro Tov airport.

Maybe absurd, but don’t take any fruit with it either.So apples and bananas as emergency ration, eat up IN airplane. Valuable tips below: Most important is to have everything ready so that you are in line with the first 50 man. Also take into account Control questions: Whether you travel alone e.g. If your colleague just says no to truth (and you don’t know) then murmur and say no is a precious little joke: they don’t mean your partner. If you work for a large American company, you also want to help, if they ask, make sure you are clear that you now have holidays. But a business card helps. For the reason for the trip: business, they often ask for it anyway. In NY I have never (never) felt like I was welcome, you are treated as a criminal in 9 out of 10 cases (only in Seattle I was amazed at the kindness) show your normal friendly face and avoid any kind of “no respect”. What a difference when you come back at Schiphol-I’m not such a fan of the government but T can definitely be worse than here. Oh and under not yet read: Beware of drugs, do not do, and some medications you need special paper for applications (lasts weeks question but in your pharmacy) eg for ADHD medications, even sleep tabs are on the Opium list. Absolute nonsense, in my opinion but internationally so agreed. I also take zolpidem with me and a half is enough to experience a night flight as well. So take a few with no papers. Best is to request on time, especially if you have special items with you for a month, even though T was a prescription from your doctor.

A lot of fun I would say in NY, in itself a fascinating city.By the way, I would also prepare a little by looking at reviews of restaurants in your area. And buy Nothing, repeat NOTHING at Time Square in electronics stores-which lift the tourist.

For New York I recommend you to be sure to look at The New York Pass or other sightseeing passes.These give you access (and sometimes even precedence) to all (more than 100) well-known attractions and museums. You can choose from passes for a certain number of days or fit for a certain number of attractions. If you take the New York Pass, plan ahead what things you want to do and get the time for it.

Some tips:

Be sure to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum; Very impressive tribute to the victims of the attacks in 2001 and also a very informative exhibition of all events.

Rent a bike (also sits in the New York Pass) and come as comfortable from A to B in the city.Bike through Central Park (safe) but also certainly by the various neighborhoods (Harlem, Meatpacking District, Wall Street, China Town etc.). Pay attention to cars (especially when they stand and open their doors) because they are not yet so accustomed to cyclists and prefer the avenues and the streets with cycle paths (they do not have them all).

If you are on a small budget; The ferry from Wall Street to Staten Island (New Jersey) also comes hell close along the status of Liberty and is free.If you go to the Statue of Liberty by boat, take the stop on Ellis Island and see how immigrants were previously received in the United States.

If you are going to visit museums; MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and the Guggenheim are not so big so you can get through it quickly; But the Metropolitan is gigantic and has very different collections.It is advisable to pre-think which halls/collections you want to visit.

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