I’m 15 years old and find the personality of a girl good, but I really like her all but handsome and am afraid people will laugh at me when I have a relationship with her. What should I do?

At this age, we all change physically a lot.I was not the most popular at school. Beautiful face, but my curves were not yet in vogue.

Guys would say to me, I’m crazy about you, but I can’t publicly go out with you, everyone would laugh.

So I didn’t went out with them.

And by them I thought I wasn’t interesting enough.

What is funny when I now look at what these people have become (thank you so much Facebook).The popular girls seem to be raunchy now. The guys who were shamed to go out with me seem to be raunchy now and usually not really remarkable. Some of them added me on Facebook and want my attention, they sent me a lot of compliments. But hey: they’ve had their chance, right?

Of course, it doesn’t really matter if you’re 15.You’re probably not going to marry this girl and spend your whole life with her.

I just emphasize: what do you find appealing?What matters to you? To be popular or to have a lot of fun with a girl you can really do with it?

And sorry I’m so blunt, but…. Are you attractive enough to be able to dating one of the hot popular girls?

Soon the school will be over and all you have left of it will be faded memories.People who are doing it now will no longer be in any way. The only constant is you. You, and what you do. Listen to yourself, not to others. But also… Don’t be a superficial motherfucker, it works for no one.

I also find my wife absolutely not handsome.And yes, I do indeed think that many people do not understand what I see in her.

But that’s all not important.Because I know what I see in her. She makes me happier than I’ve ever been and I laugh with her more than I’ve ever done. I think I have laughed the first year with her more than in my whole life before, and then I was 48. You can check.

This makes them very appealing to me.When I look at her I see that she is not handsome, but also that it is not important. What matters is what we share together. And that’s what remains.

You see, there is a difference between “handsome” and “attractive.” It is often used interchangeably, but it really doesn’t mean the same thing.Handsome goes purely to appearance, appealing means that you are being provoked by that other, that the other one invites you somehow.

I can find someone handsome without being attracted to that person.For example, it may be that someone has a beautiful face but a rock character. Then that person is pretty handsome but really not attractive. And so I can find someone attractive without finding that person handsome, because someone has a character and a personality that invites me, who makes me happy and joyful.

Outward beauty does not remain.Outward beauty disappears sooner or later. You can catch a beautiful girl on the hook, and then she gets an accident and then there is little about that beauty. Then you really say “well, you made me very happy, and I have had an incredibly fine time with you, but I do not want to look at it every day, dusseh 鈧?娄 let’s divide the children and the stuff, because I go?”

If you read that way, do you actually think not even though “Yes jemig, that’s very cruel?” In other words, you know quite well that appearance should not be the most important goal, and that someone with such an idea is very superficial and actually quite common.

As for “others that make you laugh,” Well, sooner or later you will have to walk your own way without being afraid of the reactions of others.You cannot base your life choices on what other people will find, right? Don’t you pull it out, laugh those people out for they are superficial, and want you to make choices that you don’t want to create at all.

If you don’t find that girl handsome but also not attractive, then it’s a bit of a different story.What you can ask yourself is why you don’t find her attractive. Is that because you really don’t feel attracted to her, or do you stop by your thoughts? If you really don’t feel attracted to her sincerely, if you don’t feel the slightest need to touch her, if you don’t get excited by kissing the idea with her, then there’s little to do, because unfortunately it’s bad to send herself. But if you are laughed at by your own doubts and are not clever in the way, then you will be untelling yourself an experience that might be much better than having a handsome but empty-headed girl together.

DARE, boy.That is the greatest challenge of life: DARING. Someone who dares, who can do everything in life and will experience many beautiful things.

You can do two things.Whether friends with her, Friendsons is called it, right? Or let her go. I have had relationships with men who did not find me handsome but still went for me because of my character and because of circumstances I was “good for them”. Believe me, that has made no one happy. Sooner or later I found out, that it was so. After that it was not good to make. It remains in your mind that you are actually second, third or tenth choice.

I have a mirror and I’m not blind.I know that there are a lot of people who look better than I do. But you continue to secretly hope that your partner will fall on you anyway. Maybe naive but so are the people once. They hear things they want to hear. It is also painful to observe again that “it was again about the books and not about the looks”.

My advice is: friendsons or take away.This way you save a lot of misery for yourself and for her.

You can find her “everything but handsome”.Sounds like your hair doesn’t feel appealing at all. Is that what you feel or what you think the rest of the world will think. If it is what you feel why do you want a love affair with her? Perhaps a close friendship is also possible.

My advice: Find someone you find attractive 脛 -n Nice.And hopefully also a little open minded so that you can keep in touch with those not handsome but interesting girlfriends next to your relationship.

Meanwhile, don’t worry about what others are finding.The only thing that counts is how beautiful she is in your eyes. Are you in love? Then everything is beautiful to her and then you would not even think these things.

Maybe she thinks exactly the same about you.I would talk to her. And who knows, you have fun together.

Day Best teenager!

I am 25 years old and have seen many puberty, not so handsome ladies from my high school up flowers to most handsome self-employed women.Sometimes I see an old known and then am a bit perplexed how beautiful they have been bloated.

Many teenagers don’t know how to get the best out of themselves, becoming mature is knowing how j矛jherself is sticking together and how you can develop your best sides as well as possible; Inside and outside.In addition, a relationship is going to get the best out of yourself and your partner; You help your partner get the best out of themselves & the other way around.

At the age of 15 you will be there on time and if you think you want to spend the rest of your life with this lady, be assured; At your age there is time for personal development (even at my age still!But you guys have that extra 10 years!)

You can help her to flourish (do not push, with honest love, the flowering itself is self-evident.)

Each caterpillar becomes a butterfly and no one in this world is sincerely ugly.

If you let yourself be guided by what others think of you, you become their prison forever…

If you like her about who she is, I would just go for it.What other people think is not the most important thing there is.

In Flanders They say: “Whosoever marries’t Babe, loses the body but keeps the female”.

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