If your work doesn’t make you happy, is this a sign that you can leave your work better?

A few decades ago meant a job finding right away that you stayed there for the rest of your career. Today we find it normal to throw our careers and meet new challenges.And yet many people remain in a mediocre, boring job that they don’t really like.

There can be many reasons why you choose to keep working where you work. Maybe you’re afraid you can’t find another job, or it won’t be better elsewhere.Maybe you did like your job at the beginning, but it became a rut and you only slowly get through that this job no longer inspires you.

Maybe you are lying to yourself, and you waste precious time that you could also spend in an engaging and challenging workplace.Therefore, stop telling yourself these seven lies:

1.I’ll stay another year
We have all said this, and before we know we are five or ten years on.Do not set the inevitable. If you know this is not the right job for you, change now!

2.I don’t know how to start again
It can be uncomfortable and difficult to step into another job, but many people become so paralyzed by fear that they do nothing.Staying seated in a desperate job makes you burn up and sucks all the energy and zest of life out of you. A new challenge in your career can be exactly what you need, no wonder how old or young you are.

3.I studied
It’s not because you graduated in accounting, that you have to arrange in a predictable career.You may as well become a project manager, or a freelance photographer, or work in health care, if your passion lies there. The reality is that more than 70% of people work in an environment that has nothing to do with their diploma.

4.My company needs Me
Even if you are the only employee in the company, you can be replaced.It doesn’t matter how specific your knowledge is or how unique you think it is: you can be replaced. So don’t feel guilty when you want to get away from a job that you don’t like doing. The company will not go under without you.

5.I’m not h脙 漏 脙 漏 L Unhappy
Thousands of people tell themselves that 鈧?虄no one really likes his job or that there are 鈧?虄worse Jobs鈩?Do not fall into this trap. Each of us spends more than 90,000 hours of his life at work, so we should do something that passionates us all the time! Every job has less nice edges, or times it’s disappointing, but if that’s a daily thought, it’s time to consider change.

6.There are no other jobs
This too is not true.Unemployment has been declining in Flanders since August 2015, and the number of vacancies continues to rise. A company is always looking for people with the right qualities.

7.I deserve too much to go away
This is a dangerous pitfall.Once you are accustomed to getting a certain income, you adjust your lifestyle automatically. That makes it harder to consider a lower wage. But money is also just paper. Experiences are priceless, and none of us can redeem time. Doing something that you love is a much better investment.

And no, you’re also not too old to start a new career. Age is just a number.I know enough examples of five-Tigers who have started doing something completely different, or who have switched from employee to self-employed.

If you Don’t know (yet) what you can do differently, or how you can tackle it, there is always a career coach in your area to accompany you.Know that you are working for forty years or more of your life. So don’t let yourself be the victim of these lies. Try to be honest with yourself. And when you’re considering a change, take a first step today.

Clear Sign!

We Only Live 1 time, and not to make it another to the point, than ourselves. Follow your dreams.

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