If you would say exactly what you think, how would your life look like?

Very bad.I already wear a façade, a mask to get through the day. I don’t like to say it, but I actually have a fairly cynical innerness and even a few misantropic treks.

I think society is going to the Sharks, a little more every day.I am someone who think we can live better in a forest, without money. I would agree to live a system with barter. I have not been green, but I would cherish it automatically. There is simply too much to mess up society and the world.

And then I don’t necessarily have the climate.Europeans and Americans are the only ones who protest. In short, Western civilization. The rest of the world couldn’t care less.They do not give to the climate because they still do not know better. Asians, South Americans and Africans are almost literally firing the mess. This is obviously here and there due to backconditions. They do not have the food to live healthy. For example, what I think: “Why we do, it doesn’t bring anything?” Would we not better help them out of the need first and then save the climate? A simpler life is also an unsurmountable one for some.

The world is broken despite everything.I think that is our responsibility. That makes sense. It’s mine, but just as good it is yours. The problem is that with the above speech I can convince few people. People who are convinced that the climate is paramount and only then tackle socio-cultural problems cannot be overcome. I do not think this makes sense. Everyone alike and together for a better world. With 8 billion mortals at one sea, because we can. Now that’s not. When I say this, I get a lot of wind. You don’t have to think that I don’t realise that myself.

And finally, social media does not dent.Say that once and count the Meppen you get. Apart from this medium, because here you still find intelligent people. You have understood that. Quora offers another way out.

Oh my God.

I remember an exercise from the mindfulness course that I followed in which we had to walk around with a noteblock for a day and had to write down our judgments.So every thought we had about something that came out of a judgement about that which we observed.

If I had spoken all those thoughts, I would have been beaten, overturned or shot dead that day.In other words, I had no life.

Not so good.Half Baking. Have my mind as necessary to update my thoughts and to express it correctly. To be myself. My thoughts can be rough, not true, things are a bit skewed. Certainly can’t trust them.

I need three things to, to my best knowledge, lead my life well:

A) My thoughts, I proposed by my mind, from my reservoir of the so far komplete process of (c), below.

b) My reality, I have been nominated by my senses,

(c) My understanding, reasoning ability, creativity, intelligence for the consideration, summary, representation, processing and integration of a) and b).

The result of this ongoing interplay is who I am.

I am glad that it can be somewhat contemporary.But then I have to pay attention to say what I think. I certainly don’t make friends with it. Should I be able to say everything then I would have no “friends” altogether. But a few centuries ago I would have already been on the stake with the gene I say openly now.

But if old colleagues read my comments on Quora, they would be quite different!Although they already knew that I am not really average. Luckily, Quora doesn’t really fit into their profile.

It might be a more beautiful world, maybe a real freedom (?) but since we all depend on someone or something nowadays, it’s easier for our life to wear a mask.Of course, you don’t want to say something that your community, family or your boss thinks otherwise.

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