If you should describe yourself by using 5 core values, what core values would you choose? e.g. Humor, justice, authenticity, work)

Awkward, misunderstood, lonely, anti-social but very sincere (and self-critical, if I may add a sixth).

Decisiveness, purposefulness, honesty, knowledge, responsibility.

Recognition, Growth, knowledge, love, justice

Is there a rule why it should only be 5 values?I ask this aloud, because I just have so many layers even in my core.

Pssst, when it came to your tombstone?
Okay yes, that’s an approximation.

Adventurous, yes I still dream of being pirate.That seems so cool (or with a black flag and a death head and a real ship, not a motorboat with pistols). This coincides with independence.
Efficient, in the broadest sense of the word.Mentally efficient, why long with something quiet when it’s something I can’t change? Gadver The trek here, come directly into action and think of something I can put together myself to solve it. Solving things there I’m happy-I’m a real tinkerer, from tinkering with my PC to my own head. If only I can tinker.
Energetic, I have a lot of energy and there is little where I am not hot for it.What is the same is that I have little control over my energy. When I’m cheerful, I hunt people’s fears. My husband describes it as ‘ murderous intent ‘ which he then feels. My son is Grapping ‘ Goku is at home! ‘ (as in the Super Saiyan). The Cats? Flying through the house. Complete game.
The downside is (and actually makes sense) the longer I get ‘ on ‘, the longer the cooldown.By negotiate to deal with my time, I have found a good balance in it.
Playfulness, Maybe it comes through my autism, but the magic of being child I have never lost.I also really need to play. Building Beach sand castles, making tree houses, digging my husband (ahhhh toe!!!) Sometimes we go into the woods and we invent whole stories about how we ended up there (in some fantasy time). I give everything and everyone names. Bikes are horses. Think of what you want, I’m happy.
Wisdom, and not that I find myself so clever.Because of my fast thinking/calculating computer I see a lot and I can remember a lot. I gather all day data from everything and everyone and everything is stored (also this is one reason I really need to load at the end of the day). Because of this I know a lot or can I predict how something is going to expire when it comes to human behavior. Funny and possible because I am a woman, my ‘ calculating tool ‘ is mainly designed for behaviour and patterns. For example, with numbers, I have nothing at all. Because of my hypersensitivity to stimuli I can very well deducate.

Social, pleasantly disturbed, sweet, worker

Honest, incomprehensible, unique, sensitive, self-

Descriptions are Invinduele traits that create yourself.

It is not more than abstractions of our own minds.

Tolerant, cynical, honest, corkdry, impulsive

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