If you learn a foreign language, is it possible that you develop a foreign accent that can be heard in your mother tongue?

* * This is my first time I ever reply in the Dutch, so excuse any mistakes I make, I’m still learning! * *

Yes, it is certainly possible.My own father learned the Dutch language many years ago and now he has a “strong” Amsterdams accent that you can hear very clearly when he speaks English!

He sometimes says Dutch words in English phrases without noticing it!

So 100% You can have a second accent, but that only happens if you speak a language long enough to unconsciously get the accent of the people who speak it as their mother tongue

Sure.I have lived in France for twelve years and work for eighteen years in Germany, living there for nine years. After France, many people thought I was coming from Maastricht, while I am not a Limburger. Now people say they can hear that I speak a lot of German.

I think some things change.Some sounds are different. The melody moves towards that other language. The other grammar leaves traces in Dutch. The Dutch vocabulary is slightly smaller. And new words are only partially included in their own vocabulary, depending of course on the degree of contact with Dutch by regular speaking with several Dutch people, reading Dutch newspapers and their quality and Watching Dutch television.

Yes.My Danish family says that today I speak with English accent and earlier with Dutch accent.

I live as a former Drenth already for鈩?N 30 years in France.I myself have the impression that I still speak very purely Dutch (possibly with a slight Drenths accent). But Dutch friends often catch me on language mistakes. And I must admit that sometimes I have to look for words. I also have the impression that the current Dutch people are dealing with their language rather sloppy. I don’t really know what it’s about with my accent. I think I don’t have any 鈧?艙Frans 鈧?accent. For example, I still speak with a rolling RRRR when I speak Dutch, while I’m not doing that in French.

Yes, you can.I have two aunts that have moved to English-speaking areas. My father’s sister has a clear Oxford accent, even when she talks Dutch. My mother’s sister lives near San Francisco. I wouldn’t say she really has an American accent, but there’s something different about how she talks. Thick L and for example.

I have lived near Maastricht, on the Belgian side but working in the Netherlands.I have had a colleague from Belgium who did support for Dutch customers and had a perfect Dutch accent, while I also encountered two ladies in the train who came from the IKEA who talked with a Belgian accent, but from Maastricht And now live in Lanaken. So even within multiple variants of your mother tongue this is possible.

Only if you move to a foreign country, and you speak the language of that country daily, and Masr very rarely speaks your original language. You often hear that (in televize interviews) when people who have been emigrated as young adults are decreasing an interview, and they do the interview in their original mother tongue.

Our US-emigrated nieces speak Dutch without an American accent, albeit that in a conversation they use English phrases.

I grew up multilingual myself, therefore I have no mother tongue, my primary language is now Dutch, where I have never enjoyed official language teaching, since 1966 in the Netherlands.Depending on who I speak to, I want to switch to Indian/Indonesian phrases and accent on and off, for the outside world I speak Dutch with an Randstad accent. Think I have German (my last well learned language: Goethe course on 18th year) with a light Dutch accent speak, American English and Indonesian without a clear accent, Mandarin Chinese with a Nanyang (southern Zean = se Asian) accent There I learned that language as a child in Indonesia.

Yes, that is possible if you live for a long time (10 鈧?”16 years) in another country where that language is officially spoken.I have personally met some Russian speaking people who have lived in England for 10 years and noticed that they have an English accent when they speak Russian. This accent may not be fully developed, but it is audible, when they talk.

Also you many years your native language does not speak, you can wrap a drag.Usually this happens when reading aloud.

I’ve never heard anyone so鈩?N accent long.

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