If you invest in a cryptocurrency that goes bankrupt, what happens to your investment? What can you do?

Then you lost your money.Exactly like investing in a business, which then goes bankrupt. Then you are also simply losing your investment.

Investing is consciously taking risks.After which you will be rewarded with a return.The more reward you get promises, the higher the risk is that you are taking. That makes sense.

So if someone or something promises you a towering return, you already know it: the risks are great.

Do you get your money back?

For many people the key question.And for the Crypto world actually one of the first times (or even the first time) that we have stood for the scenario of a liquidation. Previously, for example, we saw confiscated assets (Mt. Gox), a bankruptcy statement (QuadrigaCX), or outright scam with a currency or other service.

In this case, Cryptopia chooses to settle it on a 鈧?虄neat manier .Specifically, it means that all assets are sold (CQ. In cash, the actual liquidation), and that these assets are distributed among stakeholders. Think of parties that Cryptopia has debts to.

And with all those parties, you hear if you had money at Cryptopia.As soon as you send money to an exchange, you are lost ownership of that money. You get a claim for it: the right to withdraw that money again. Or in other words: Cryptopia has a debt to you at the value you parked there.


If you do not know what cryptycurrencies, then I would not deposit money.Because then you are just gambling t.

If you do know what T is then you know that T is not a company that you buy but just the hope that T is worth something more.So it cannot go bankrupt. It may be that nobody believes in it anymore, so no one has anything to do with it. It is not worth anything. No furniture or anything. You’re t just lost.

What you can do about it?Do not start.

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