If you help others, is it fair to expect them to offer to do something for you in return?

Only if you make arrangements IN ADVANCE.Then you have barter.
You can’t do anything, hoping that you can blackmailed them emotionally to deliver a consideration.That’s not how it works.

Do you have expectations?-Pronounce them. Honestly, the opposing party can say ‘ well if that deal is-no thanks ‘. One goes blindly ‘ for what, hears what ‘-only one has forgotten the fine print over time. It says: ‘ When this is so agreed ‘.

I also find it funny that people always approach this ‘ issue ‘ from themselves.”I’m doing something-why don’t I get anything back.” Turn it over once.
You are going to paint this weekend, I hear that by chance and say ‘ I will help you ‘.
‘ Gladly! ‘ you say in your turn, because my help can be used.

All the weekend I am at your painting and then suddenly we have no contact.From someone else, you’ll hear ‘ yes, she was going to move last and blame you for not helping. ‘ You think to yourself ‘ HUH!? How could I have know this. ‘ Yeah eh hello, i expected that after I had made so much effort for you that you did know that I was going to move, after all, I had a phone call during the painting to ask the range if there were still boxes. ‘ So eh do the math.And therefore not even come to help. Outrageous.

Eh.. Yeah right.Is what you should think. Sounds logical, Maarreh so it’s not at all. You could never have know that, because I am not the center of your life. That’s you already. And that’s where the crux is.

Because we are our own centerpiece, we also think that others make us a priority.That is so high, that we don’t even have to communicate anymore, because all I do is logical for me anyway? So also for them. Not so.

Expectations.Those are for you. Nobody has anything to do with that. Until you pronounce them (and no passively throw aggressive on the table). Be concrete you want something. If you dare then.

“Fair” and “expect” seem to me too strong.You may hope that they will do something for you.But if you are in a swap-thinking, rather than in gift-thinking, then you are no longer in an auxiliary logic, or a logic of friendship, but in a business logic. That is another world.

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams

Make life easier?Then ‘ for what hears what ‘ is definitely something that makes life easier.

But do you want to seem sympathetic?Do not do it in particular. Or at least, not so opspecty.

Example: My friend could not be forced to work for several days due to private circumstances.He could therefore only say this to his boss shortly before. In the end, some of our colleagues have joined him and have taken over his service. I love it. Days later, my friend of a colleague who had taken over his service received a message “could you work for me on Sunday?”. My friend looked at me perplexed. His colleague knew, of course, that my friend couldn’t say no to this now. If my friend would say no, he would seem unsympathetic. While, who asks what with what intent? Of course my friend said yes. But both we found it apart.

It is thought that other things do well for you out of goodwill, but often it is just self-interest.

It’s just how your character sticks together.Personally, I think you need to do something out of goodwill, not because you expect the same thing or another act back. Not that I am thereby a better man.

I find this (for what hears what) namely the same emotion as ‘ An eye for an eye ‘.Revenge. Something bad has happened to you, so you want the other to suffer pain too. Then IE will feel once. ‘ An eye for An eye will make the whole world blind ‘.
It is a very easy emotion to admit.

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