If you had the opportunity (financial, space and permits), would you build a survival bunker?

No.What do you do when you get out of it? Living in the world of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” or “Soylent Green”? And get out of it you have to. Besides, in a concrete box under the ground life also tells me nothing. Do you really have SO much fear of death?

No, but I would like to have a large and deep basement.

To be able to store (seasonal) food better or to build a sound studio.

The chance of a nuclear disaster or other kind of apocalyptic event seems to me to be particularly small and, in the event that this would happen, I consider my chances of survival to be minimal anyway.With or without survival bunker.

Seems to me really again such a translated question from the US.

What should I do if everyone around me is dead?After a short time the food in the shops is corrupted (no electricity), my tank is empty but I can not refueling (no power), there is no gas (showering, heating, cooking), there is no water (no power)…

Of course you can go wild camping, get your own meal and walk around in cow skins (no more clothes), but what do I do only on this world?I can be very good alone, but not lonely.

Well, I don’t think there is a survival bunker that will survive the consequences of a nuclear war.For that is what you make them for. In a first time it becomes a luxury prison and as Denis already cited, at a certain moment you have to get out of it anyway.
For other catastrophes they are less cost-benefit suited.You live in a forest and in case of a forest fire can you shelter? What was the cost price? Quite likely more than the price of your house minus the money from the insurance. And after that? Do you keep living in the bunker? Or are you going to rebuild your house? If you have time, simply flee and come back to rebuild when the fire is over.
As I saw on the report on Canvas, I think they are too small and not deep enough.If you see that it is mainly a North American affair, you have to extrapolate the ecological footprint to that bunker. Even if they live sober, a lot of space must be provided for the creation of food. Everything outside the bunker is basically unusable. Look for the experiment with BIOSPHERE II and you can already draw conclusions.And that is above ground with access to sunlight.
The military “survival bunkers” from the Cold war had only one purpose.Remain operational just long enough to be able to pay the Russians with equal currency. A Pyrrhic victory.
In short, no, I would never buy a survival bunker.For smaller Anomalies such as a house fire a garden house that stands far enough from the house is sufficient with a calamity suitcase in (sleep equipment, spare GSM, cookware, attire,…). You will be exposed to your partner after a lightning strike in the rain, because you immediately spurted out from your bed after hearing the smoke detectors.

No, that can’t be where I live.We Keep it cheap 鈧?娄 and safe. A bunker attracts but a few people who want to go in. I also don’t see you walking around in a hazmat suit.

Survival Kit:

  1. Order some different types of FFP2 and FFP3 dust masks.

Or twenty, handy for every disaster, e.g. As a veterinary virologist who wants to save nature, a bird flu infected with GenTech for humans and causes a pandemic. Duct tape because those things always leak, stick the mask against your face.

  • Hang some decorative panels with a thick leaf lead on the back, so you can quickly build a fallout tent.
  • With a month of water and proviant, for example The meltdown of Borssele (who does not want to close because they do not like it, and God knows what more they are leaving).

  • A breaking iron to do messages after the apocalypse and defend yourself against the zombies with toothache that we are then.
  • Everything in gang connection, but your breakiron is your best friend. First to follow a survival course.

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