If you could change a certain law, what would it be and how would you change it?

Weed out the Opium list and throw all the tolerance policy over the wall.

The tolerance policy was once a model of Dutch toleration.In 1972/1973 We got the first coffeeshops, and shortly thereafter followed the tolerance of weed. Not only did it bring a safe haven for anyone who could agree on his time, it also gave a view on certain things, such as quality, criminality and use. At least, that’s the thought

The problem, however, is how the whole cycle from seed to joiner is built up.All over the world, the Sativa, Indica or as it is called here, the Hollandica, is illegal. However, there is a turning point in the moment of sale of shop to end user.

At that moment it is tolerated, provided that the permissible amount of 5 grams is maintained.In theory, Mother Nature has also been tolerated, but since 5 grams of purchases are impossible for a coffee shop every time, one can assume that this does not happen. Then the two biggest problems come to look around the corner. First of all, since the cultivation of cannabis is never regulated, or rather, adamely illegal (your 5 plants in the backyard will also not respond to supply and demand) there must be cultivation. This obviously comes from illegality, and so a coffee shop holder is forced to buy his product there too.

The second problem is the quantity in which a coffee shop may have a given day in the case.That is limited to 500 grams. That sounds a lot, but that’s totally not. If we confine ourselves to a kind of hash and a kind of weed, you have of both 250 grams, of which, if we go from the maximum going out of each 50 people can buy 5 grams of it. You can assume that more than 100 customers walk into a shop every day.

The effect is that the coffee shop is in a grey area, risking incursions because they have more than 500g, or doing business with “criminals”.Not to mention all the little pesterijtjes that some municipalities hold on, such as warnings at 1 minute late, or the smoking ban (yes that money for a coffee shop just as good)

The simple solution is legalizing.Not that half baked expiriment what they want to implement Ju, there’s sat wrong with it. Just. Legalize.

Keeps growth and sales in the hands of the state, with an external supervisor, so that quality and quantity can be guaranteed and monitored.Make sure that by simple passport control and a good marketing campaign it is clear that we are not served by drug tourism, although for example Adam can be made an exception. Another solution is to place coffee shops outside the city, where you also tackle parking nuisance.

I have two from which I can not choose.

  • People convicted of murder or rape no longer keep alive with tax money If these people want to remain alive, they will have to work in jail for their food.

I find it ridiculous that the parents of Anne Faber Michael P. Have to cough up his meals.

  • Men expecting a child to give a legal option to surrender the future child when the mother keeps the child If a woman can decide through abortion if she gets older, a man should also be able to make that choice should the woman keep the child.
  • No one should be obliged to parenting. She decides, so he too. The immigration and integration legislation is going to kick off: No more expensive integration courses, if there is a good reason and he is not a burden on the community, someone can simply come to the Netherlands.This is also good for the economy, because these people are usually active in the labour market.

    Bankruptcy legislation must be adjusted.Bankruptcies are now still winding-up proceedings in which the entire assets of the bankrupt are liquidated, including company and possibly viable constituents. A (well) running company should be able to initiate. Example is Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 in the USA, which are focused much more on continuity and less on liquidation.

    The Belachtelijke discrimination of singles must be out of tax law.People have to be taxed individually and not together with others, unless of course there is fraud (one spouse helps the other to defraud).Also at municipal level no more mature roommates sweep together but individually catch on. In any case, I am behind a tax system as analytical as possible: we have subsidies and I disagree that the government is trying to determine how you are leading your life in this way by hitting you in the wallet.

    I would say prenuptial community of goods from the law wedges but that I happily done recently.

    Everyone, no matter who, must be entitled to a bank account.Also prostitutes, convicted sex offenders, extreme left and Extreerechtse headpieces.

    Inheritance law: More decision-power to the deceased, no more family ties going out.It is ridiculous that a person’s child is entitled to a legitimate portion even if they live in unmin while that personal dear friend (in) if they do not cohabitation does not have that right and is taxed heavier.

    No more joining FATCA.Not only is FATCA American bullies behavior (other countries need to make costs to provide the U.S. tax authorities with data), also it is inhumane. Many Americans abroad cannot get a bank account anymore by FATCA.

    You see the fact that it is mainly about relative non-issies that we do not have it in the Netherlands yet so badly.For foreign affairs, my criticism would focus on other matters. Such as the death penalty, human rights, discrimination, anti-corruption legislation. And in economic terms, again FATCA.

    Treat tobacco as drugs.With associated penalties.

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