If William Shakespeare were to live in our time, how big would the chance be that he would have become equally successful?

Shakespeare would not find a publisher.

No classic writer would find a publisher.If Proust now came up with his A la recherche du temps perdu he would not make a stand of chance. An editor would be BRAAF sitting scratching the work until something of Bruna quality remains. Contemporary literature has fallen into a most miserable unit sausage. Writers in SPE follow writing classes where self-appointed experts derive all individuality from it; Editors do this once more and it ends with a reviewer who considers himself to be competent. And that is also at Bruna level.

Masterpieces will no longer appear.Shakespeare’s work would not be understood by editors and reviewers; Proust’s main work would be reduced to a sad paperback. Everything that makes the works worthwhile will be destroyed in a well-intentioned destruction urge.

It is the reason that I hardly read Dutch work yet.They have become extremely boring, predictable and tedious work. I want to exclaim (that one silly chapter from 鈧?虄the Hunchback of Notre Dame: pages Long is only described the view from Notre Dame, the story is silent, the action is gone, nothing happens. Brilliant. A contemporary editor would delete it. Road masterpiece.) , I want inconsistencies, I want to be confused, some passages can not grasp, get lost in a book. Do not succeed. Contemporary books are clones of each other, there is nothing surprising, unpenetrable, to curse anymore. They are work of VMBO level.

If a contemporary writer wants to spend his work then he/she finds herself surrounded by a multitude of valleys that help the work to soap and deem themselves extremely capable.And But call people to read less and more.

So, that’s out there.There is a lot of wrecks, today. Including literature. And yes, that hurts.

Real talent does not deny themselves.

But most likely he would not have written books, but he would have become 鈧?虄screenwriter .After all, William Shakespeare was a theaterman. And he wrote for the common people.

So probably he would have stood today in the credits of 鈧?虄Good times Bad Tiden or 鈧?虄Soof .

Or his life would have expired as the writer Anthony Horowitz suspected in his book 鈧?虄William S .

Indeed, circumstances make the man perhaps just as much, or more, as that makes the man’s circumstances.

The question is absurd because he typically uses the style of his time.His work expresses so much talent for dialogue, psychology, drama and intrigue that he also now belongs to the big ones, in the language of today.

That’s the nice thing about hypothetical questions: you can claim everything.

There is a reasonable chance that if William Shakespeare were born in the 21st century, he would make a successful career as a footballer-about the same size as the chance he would become a writer.

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