If Trump would choose to start a nuclear attack, could someone stop him?

The President of the United States is not in a position to start a nuclear attack independently and without the help of others.

The story that the most powerful man on earth can start a nuclear war independently is a myth.

There are all sorts of fail safe protocols that should prevent this type of situation.

The assignment passes through several people who can refuse the order if there is a reason for it.

When it is times of great tension, there are of course reasons when the deployment of nuclear weapons will come nearer and where the order of the President of the US to deploy them will be legitimate.

In those cases, there are already attack plans ready and the option to bet has long been discussed with all sorts of soldiers.

This could be the case, for example, with a large-scale Russian or Chinese attack on the US. An attack plan is then removed from the board and executed, depending on the situation.

However, when Trump wakes up tomorrow after a quarrel with Melania, the remains bourbon which was still drinking in a glass on his nightstand and thinks “Let me turn North Korea into a glazed parking lot” Then he can’t do that alone Do.

That assignment will be refused because it will cause more damage to the US than the use of nuclear weapons.

Indeed, the President of the United States has the right to use a nuclear weapon wherever and whenever he or she is.

Only the Posse Comitates Act would prohibit him from putting it in the US himself.

In practice there can be intervened. The cabinet can drop off the president if he is unsuitable for his duties. Also, soldiers are always responsible for their actions, even though they are given an injunction. A soldier then has the right to ignore the order if he believes that the use of nuclear weapons is in violation of international law and treaties. But according to American legislation, it is also mutiny, and can be executed

But it is unfortunately a z脙 漏 脙 漏 R realistic scenario.

There Is No Check on Trump s Rage Going Nuclear

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Consider what a procedure it must be to launch a nuclear rocket.I suspect that some of the regulars should give their agreement and that the President (this, the previous and the next) cannot do just that.

The politicians who are now afraid that Trump can simply press the button and thus launch the Arsenal in Kleine-Brogel are the biggest scare makers in this cucumber time.(It is mainly politicians of the party who has always sued the nuclear weapons, little hypocritical to pretend that not all over the country has already known for decades what is lying in Limburg…)

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