If the earth were a lot further away from the sun, would mankind have existed?

Nice but also tricky question.

Nice because if-then questions cannot be solved via standard answers.Then I have fun to come up with an answer. Nice out of the box so. Whether it’s all right? Oh well, I do my best.

Tricky because we don’t really know so much about the conditions and conditions under which life arises.Frankly, we don’t know anything about it. Most is speculation. Evolution stands as a house, but the abiogenesis, thus the Genesis, is a hole cheese in terms of knowledge.

After all, We have found 0.0 (estimation..) Life outside the Earth.Nothing, nada. So basically it’s always a form of self-overestimation if you do make statements about it. I’m not doing here, I look purely at the question. Is already tricky enough.

Another element is the fact that the nature constants have to remain in precise margins, otherwise there was never something like a star, otherwise orbit lanes were not stable, no galaxies, no neutron stars (and therefore no heavy Elements such as gold, lead and uranium.These were created when two neutron stars collide. This creates an Earth of gold, two earths of uranium and lead. In short, a lot more of that kind of stuff. We still only know that of these neutron stars.

That collision is utterly bizarre.Imagine two neutron stars, each SO鈩?N 10 鈧?”12 km in diameter. Much larger, the star continues to collapse into a black hole. And after that collision, where a quarter of the Earth’s pure energy shoots into the work, is something that is hardly to be imagine. But then: those two small stars produce an earth to gold, midline certainly 8000km, so much larger than those neutron stars. Bizarre is hardly a sufficient term.

Humanity.Well. What are we really? Pretty weak. We can not climb, swim even so-so. And if you get off the wrong one, you just have a broken leg. It used to mean that a very lousy existence, creeping and crippled by the thicket, is a burden for others. Luckily you didn’t have any stoepjes 鈧?娄 get 30% of the air pressure away and only Sherpa s in Tibet can survive that. Remove the ozone layer and we need shadow to shade. At least if there are still trees.

Well, where does this consideration lead in the light of demand.Oh, something else, I was almost forgotten. The Earth, Gaia, is also a system of close conditions. If the sun only shines 5% brighter, everything within the tropics is a hot wasteland. At 5% cooler The frost border draws nice our side on, for half of the year at least-5 掳C. It is not easy to predict what that higher or lower heat has on extra effects, but it would not surprise me if these are much bigger and much more negative than we can imagine.

In humanity, we must also take all the changes and mutations in the environment.We are there because the increase in brain content has been a huge selection of pressures. And that’s still so, bigger brains have made sure we have become the dominant species. From 350cc content to 1350. Still unrelated to the complexity of that larger brain, I estimate 100 times as complex as with a chimp. That frontal cortex is me a complex whole though.

Everything so inspiring I think that no humanity would have arisen.However, lower primates, but not humans. Simple, because the conditions would be much more focused on pure survival. Brains are expensive kostgoers, 5% of our body weight but 20% of the energy from food and breath. In harsh conditions, you hardly come to the food to survive, let alone maintain something that demands so much energy. We were thus extinct within the shortest times.

In short, let’s be happy that the earth is turning its circles where it does


Light how far away you want to move the earth.As long as Earth stays in the ‘ sweet spot ‘ of the sun, it can be possible that man still exists but place your Earth behind Jupiter, for example, then I see it bleak for humanity.

If you look at the solar system from above you will see in the middle the sun and there around all the planets then imagine 2 circles surrounding the sun.The first between Venus and Earth and the second between Mars and Jupiter. Everything that lies between the sun and the Circle 1 is too warm everything that lies between the Circle 1 and 2 can contain life for our standards least and everything that lies beyond the Circle 2 is too cold.

We have an example, Mars.We do not know if there ever existed life on Mars. There is an opportunity for primitive life forms, but for intelligent beings (are we really?) the chance seems small.

If The Creator has liked it.

I think you mean; If everything in the universe would remain exactly the same but the Earth (X) distance is removed; Man can survive.

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