If someone feels very down and goes through a Dallin life, what little changes in life will you recommend?

Fortunately, a downhearted mood is usually transient.And instead of being passively waiting for you to feel good again, you can also try to get out of the dip.

Dejection without direct cause, such as sickness or death, is usually caused by an accumulation of a number of smaller setbacks.They put your resilience to the test.

Often, the irrational thoughts that set you down and maintain your dejecement.Then realize that you tend to think irrational. Just by that consciousness you are putting a big step towards a better mood.

6 thinking mistakes that cause a dip

Think error 1: black and white thinking.You think in extremes and do not have an eye for nuances. “Now I’m definitely fired.”

Think error 2: selective observation.You see the stain on your pants and therefore experience the whole situation/day as negative.

Think Error 3: Generalize.You’ll go for an exam and you’ll never get that diploma.

Think error 4: negative thinking.You get a compliment on your work and think, “she says that to wear off, she definitely wants something from me.”

Think Error 5: fillIn your thoughts.Your colleague does not give you a hand in the morning and you immediately think that he should not.

Think error 6: You see your feelings as ‘ evidence ‘ that your thought is correct. ‘ I feel that everything is disappointing today, so everything is against it. ‘ Feelings say at most something about how you experience the facts.

Once you are aware of the thinking mistakes you make, you can change something about it.Then replace them with rational thoughts. These are facts-based and lead to the effect you desire. If your colleague Is not friendly to you, that does not mean that he never wants to have anything to do with you. Just ask him how it came that he did so.

I do not claim that from now on a finger cut will replace irrational thoughts with rational.It requires some training and possibly coaching. In doing so, confront yourself with your doom fantasies. How do you do that? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What evidence exists for the correctnessof my thought?
  2. Is there any evidence for the correctness of my thought?
  3. What’s the worst that can happen?
  4. Are there any positive possibilities?
  5. Who would I be without this thought?
  6. What is a more rational thought?

Not easy to ask yourself these questions if you are in a dip.That’s why you can also use a coach. And also think about what you can cheer up: Go sports, change something in your home, buy something fun,… If you get an eye for the posieve sides of life again. This way you are more likely to get out of the negative thoughts spiral.

The first is to say that such moments are heard in life.That is one of the first things you have to say to someone. You have to commemorate him or her that life is just a rollercoaster. Sometimes you just go straight and sometimes you go over the head.

With this said we can now come to the fact what someone can do.The best thing someone can do is to think about all the positive things in his or her life and write it down. Finding out what you are thankful for is already a big step towards not feeling down. Take care of positive thoughts and everything will suddenly feel better.

And then the secret of letting you go through a little, is the fact that you have to remind yourself of your goals.Always remember that life will never go neatly, but that the only thing you can do is stand up and continue to work on your goals.

Only you can help yourself so make sure you know yourself well.This will help you to get through some less days faster.

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