If snack bars were to fry in olive oil, would that mean that their food is no longer unhealthy?

No, frying remains unhealthy (but it is very tasty).

If they switch to airfrying (so frying without oil, and baking by hot air) then the food they prepare or suddenly will be a lot healthier because it is less greasy and the structure of the wall of the food is better preserved and This causes less damage in the body (the sugars present are absorbed more slowly into the blood, causing less headache or fatigue).

And frying in olive oil is actually not healthy at all.You can test this yourself at home by conducting an experiment with different types of oil and letting them burn in the pan on a high heat.

If you do this with olive oil, you will find that olive oil is very easy to burn up and quickly reach a smoking point (faster than for example.Coconut oil).

A very foul odor is released and a poisonous dust called monomer.

It tastes and smells dirty and poisonous.

At home I was fried for years with olive oil (the kind that was chemically processed-i.e. refined oil).

The word “refined” gives the impression that this is an innocent and healthy product, but that is not the case because the structure of the oil has changed, so the effect on our body is also different and not exactly healthy.

I know from experience that consuming refined oil can make a man tired, lazy and lethargic.

The digestion also slows down (it can cause constipation).This may light the fact that refined oil is thicker as oil that has not undergone this process.

It can also impair our veins in such a way that they get blocked (this is especially noticeable in skinny people because because of their thin skin you have a good view of the veins).

You can also check this yourself by buying 2 bottles (1 bottle of cold pressed/”virgin” oil, and 1 that contains refined oil).The viscosity of refined oil is different (for example, if you drop a teaspoon of it on a plate, you can observe it yourself-it is very poigy and thicker as unrefined oil-this is also noticeable when you lubricate it on your skin, unrefined oil Gets quicker and easily absorbed by the skin; While the refined variant remains on the skin).

Make sure you buy a bottle of bio oil because the non-organic variant does not guarantee that the oil has not been mixed with refined oil (that is already written about it, but to what extent this is true I do not know).

We talk about cold pressed oil because there is no heating and also no extraction by exposure to chemicals.

So everyone benefits from avoiding refined oil like the plague because it is very unhealthy (the food industry is naturally lying about it, because they do everything to be able to take advantage).

It is processed in many prepackaged foodstuffs.

P.S. An example of cold pressing can you see when you search online for the “Piteba Press”

It’s not just the frying grease.The ingredients of the snacks…. PFFF much fat much salt mechanically separated meat.. So it remains an unhealthy lifestyle if you walk in there more than once a week

In my opinion, olive oil should never be so hot because of the enormous amount of carcinogens.

(They also recommend cold-pressed olive oil, do not heat?). And in addition, Frikandellen, croquettes and I know what, yet always your cleanest compressed offal projects are seasoned with enummers?

Moreover, olive oil (I’m not talking here about the whole olive), also seems to be so good for the inside of your veins.

But it’s nice of course.Njam.

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