If people think the school system fails, what would be a better way to test students?

I find the idea of the reverse school * of Salman Khan (Khan Academy) much better.It is a continuation of the idea of Maria Montessori to make children work at their own pace.

In The reverse school, pupils are taught at home and they go to school to make their homework.

In The classical school there is a teacher for the class and runs the same for the class year after year.If you don’t watch out as a student, you miss out on how that teacher jumped from 2 + 2 = 4 to the second derivative of the road you traveled. Everyone should work at the same pace and do trial work. The “Progress” is measured with how well you could answer questions about the substance in that chapter in a test work. If you got a 3 for the test work, the teacher just went on with the next chapter…

In The reverse school this is different.The teacher does not stand for the classroom, but supports groups of pupils who do homework in different chapters. Those groups are different per box because everyone works at their own pace. Where the one is far ahead of French and Latin, but lags behind in mathematics and physics, that is different for another pupil. Homework is online. The system dynamically displays the homework. If you have no difficulty with a subject, the questions are quickly becoming harder, while if you have trouble with it, the questions rise very slowly in difficulty, or even go back to a previous level.

There are no trial works!Because everyone works at his/her own pace, you don’t have to have any test work. The system just won’t let you go until you really master the fabric of a chapter. In other words, at the end of such a chapter you would probably have scored a nine in a traditional test work. Because you can only continue after you have shown through the made statements that you have mastered the substance in the chapter, you have no gaps in the fabric, something that in the classroom system led to ever greater problems. A bad figure for Chapter 3 meant you’re missing the right base for Chapter 4, so that’s also a bad figure. In the reverse school, the “Progress” is also really progressing. The one is already in Chapter 8 while the other has just arrived at Chapter 3. But both master the studied substance 100%.

The teacher teaches at home in the evening.The pupils look at short YouTube videos for where they are in the curriculum. One looks at an explanation of Chapter 3 and the other for Chapter 8. The pupils can repeat and rewind as often as they want. The more teachers do with it, the more variety in the way of explaining a particular subject.

The teacher’s role changes from information provider, to study supervisor, group coach (Social emotional development Coaching, group Dynamics), and has more time for experiments during the class.The expertise is still needed to support individual pupils or groups with their homework questions.

* Assuming that WHAT AND HOW (sequentially from books instead of experiential * *) should be taught there is still true.

* * Video of Russel Ackoff in which he shows with an experiment that 6 weeks of summer work around a complicated issue that students in those 6 weeks learn more mathematics and physics daI in the first two years of their study (+ 90% succeeds for the second year exam , while they still have to start the study)

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