If paedophilia is a psychological disorder, why is it treated as a crime and not a disease that needs treatment?

Many paedophiles are non-practicing pedophiles.The orientation is there, but is not (sexually) voiced. When they do, it is an offence. The court will take into account the orientation of the sentence and may combine a prison sentence with compulsory treatment.

Not the pedophile-are forbidden.Practicing though. There is a certain logic behind it: I am heterosexual, but I just have to stay away from women (unless I have explicit permission). In the same way, a child pedophile must be left off. Where adult women are able to give consent or refuse, it is considered that children are not in a position to make that choice.

Paedophilia is a normal sexual preference.Paedophiles must learn to cope with the fact that they will probably never get a partner (you can always walk against another “true” with every sexual preference but that chance turns out to be very small.) This is of course often a very heavy shock for the person in question and needs professional guidance to process as healthy as possible. If a pedophile cannot hold itself for whatever reason, it is, rightly, an offence because it involves pedosexuality and inflicted (heavy) damage. A child can never give full consent to sex or a relationship because the child brain is not yet developed to be able to understand these concepts properly. Hence, many abused children will continue to suffer or even live their whole life. Everyone will hopefully secretly know that, but love makes blind. That is why I think it is very important that paedophiles are given the help and understanding needed to learn how to deal with that in order to remain ‘ alone ‘ forever. The less misunderstood paedophiles, the less frustration and cringes, so the less rape and the children’s tendencies.
In addition, there are also many paedophiles who realize that they would harm a child by going to a “relationship” with them.And if you really love someone, you don’t want to hurt them. But instead of these people getting a support in the back they are often depicted as a perks or worse.

As a child victim of systematic sexual abuse, I am calling for greater openness and understanding for paedophiles to prevent more victims and to help these people, at professional level, to remain mentally upright and yet provide Socially possible life.
Many people find this to sound very crazy because there are also very sick people who simply kick in to destroy innocent people and therefore like to choose children and these people are wrongly called paedophiles.But this should not be confused with simply paedophilia, one of the many sexual orientations.

I started my quest as a young adult to prove that every pedophile should be taken preventive and treated preventively, but gradually found out that this was my fear and PTSD and disappointment in the Dutch legal system.I have spoken several paedophiles in confidence and learned a lot about their pain of being alone and should remain and the few support of even the GGZ. (and no, these weren’t the scary dirty worthless males that everyone is always about; ordinary normal young men with great sadness through solitude and who struggle with it but cannot fall on adults how hard they try too) I also of course encountered the many atrocities and talked a lot with fellow PTSS茅rs in which I could secretly also enter a bit why they had seen all paedophiles fall in n burning pit. So quickly that fear and pain can strike me again if I have to give too much to my PTSS. It is a very sensitive subject, but I personally think this may be a good way to reduce the sexual frustrations. Less suffering and more support and coping mechanisms suffer from healthier decisions.

Added 1 thing what I do far is “tricky”.Suppose that you find a child as a partner, how will that be when that child grows up? The answers I got on this was ONG this: “If I love the ones I don’t like it, it makes sense that you are growing up so that is all about it. That’s like that you eg. Falls on thin, but if they become thick, you do not leave them. ” I keep doing this for some reason find a tricky one to analize.

Yes it is treated as mental illness.But if a criminal offence is committed, it will be dealt with first.

There is still a space between R. Soul’s answer and that of Jan Mathijssen.The one has studied psychology and the other seemingly does not.

In both cases it is passed (no attention is given) to a fact and that is closer to the answer of Jan Dan van R., namely that pedophile is not a disposition BUT a psycho-emotional abnormality. A disposition lies in physiology (in other words: How are you born, hormonal, neurologically), that is not paedophilia.The example of R. is therefore very bad when it comes to comparison with heterosexual and paedophilia. Heterosexuality is a disposition, just like homosexuality. Are there any exceptions? Yes. But that is not the matter here.

Paedophilia is not about the attraction of a person to children, but the fear of an adult person to develop relationships with partners of their own age.THAT is a deviation. Whether it comes from upbringing or further psycho-emotional underdevelopment of the individual, just left.

If anyone wants to come up with the argument that paedophilia in nature also occurs, just like Homoophilia, I would like to point out that this is a stark lack of knowledge. In nature It is about processes and instincts.You will not see any species of underdeveloped individuals approaching for reproduction (we call it children). These are protected by every individual in the group whether they are descendants or not. In connection with this question, I have here a forum of paedophiles and they think otherwise (without a single scientific argument or article). They see (possibly strengthened by psychologists and psychiatrists) themselves as victims and children only a means (although this is not for all of course).

Although our legal system is as gammel as a house of cards (it is still allowed to be married here under the legal age, wuh?!), it assumes a minimum age, responsibility and (as Jan indicates) Consent.Since children under the age of 18 by definition cannot and cannot give themselves permission, everything is technically a crime if there is no parental consent. In addition, the psycho-emotional development area of the child is in the order that means that if an adult has an unhealthy relationship (aimed at sexuality, not on a relationship, from the point of view of the lesser resilience of a child to an adult, Make no mistake, that is what all paedophilia is based on), it affects the developing child.

There was even a serious mention in a forum of paedophiles whether it would not be natural, that children may not know it yet, but it should actually want to.This indicates to a large extent that people who are paedophile are more cognitively developed and often have grown out of specific parenting situations, namely those with parents who have given them an unstable emotional basis.

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