If narcissism is a condition, why does everyone say: ‘ Turn around and run away ‘? Why shouldn’t you just help?

Narcissism is a personality disorder that evolved at a young time, it is a survival mechanism – formed by predisposition and environment – which nestling in thought patterns and being out in specific behaviors.It takes years before this behavior becomes so problematic that help is sought and the diagnosis is made.

“Just help” when a personality disorder is impossible, you have to deal with very deeply rooted patterns in thinking and doing.This is for the person with the disorder “the norm”, it is normal. And it takes a lot of time and energy to learn to go here-because completely solving can not be more.

The last thing you want in such a situation is that you become the ‘ rescuer ‘, because that is quickly the head of jut in a personality disorder.Run away is not the advice I would give, but you very well realize what kind of a wasp’s nest it can be-especially if you don’t know yourself well and overrated-is necessary.

People with a (narcissistic) personality disorder have abnormal brain tgo.’ Normal ‘ people.

One of the main features of a personality disorder is a star and long-lasting pattern of thoughts and behaviors.’ Normal ‘ people have a kind of ‘ flow ‘ with their environment and with other people. We continually adapt our behaviour to others and to our environment and thus create a kind of natural alignment.

However, the brain of someone with a personality disorder does not work.Their behavior is physiologically anchored in their brains. These people can often do nothing but what they do. They will thus continue to think and react in the same automatic and rigid way; They often don’t do anything else.

Often they are gigantic energy-goers and along their bad side very unpleasant (for ‘ normal ‘ people).Their behaviour can often harm other people (and/or animals).

Narcisten can often (if a number of conditions are fulfilled) properly handle other narcisten.For ‘ ordinary ‘ people, however, they can be a hell.

They are not just help just for the sake of rigidity.They often only go into (forced) therapy when they get into trouble, e.g. Upon dismissal, loss of a partner (one that interests them anyway), financial or legal problems, etc. Because of their rigidity, they will never see or feel certain things as other people do. So they will not learn to get into the problems at all, and to keep their behaviour somewhat within. Often, unfortunately, nothing changes at all. Many therapists therefore bite their teeth on a piece. Rigidity, as I said.

So therefore: turn around and walk away.

PS: Very very noble of you that you want to help.That adorns you tremendously. However, never put your own (mental) health at risk.

Because help can no longer.

The narcissistic personality is developed before the 6th year of life.

Then we are very wise to be able to diagnose someone only as a narcissistic personality when his brain is fully grown.So with 18, preferably 24.

So We leave the young narcissist to his fate for 18 years, say to parents that it all does well, and see in the behaviour of the small obstinate also especially not to give a look at the parenting gifts of these parents.

After the mess is barred, there is nothing left of shame, and as a society you can only do one thing: turn around and run away.

One cannot help someone who does not recognize his own problem.Only the government has such powers when the person in question is a real danger to themselves or others.

Narcissism is a personality disorder which is widely believed to be not turning back.A narcissist can be led through a long therapy, cognitive better to cope with his disorder. By far, most narcissists are not prepared to walk through such a pathway because they hardly have a solid consciousness of their disorder.

A narcissist has no condition.

It has a very large psychological problem.

It’s someone with two people in one.

The one that everyone knows.Which is nice and ‘ normal ‘

The other who do not see most, and who is not at all nice or reasonable. And who is continuously lying about everything, and manipulates.Everything in his environment is played and put to his hand.

They overlap each other.Because that manipulates and plays happens while he is playing the nice man. So it turns out that he is very aware of his worse self.

Narcisten have virtually no chance of becoming better of their disease.Even if they agree to go under treatment, the chances of success are very minimal. And the chance to really get better does not exist. More likely to have minor improvements.

‘, ‘ I’m going to join the answers of others.Narcisten can no longer be changed. They are/can be VERY harmful and sometimes FATAL (one forgets to give it to interested people). Within a love affair (but also other relationships) they can get deadly out of the corner and kill the partner. As long as you have not been or have been the victim, it is terribly difficult to estimate the brutality of a narcissist, unless you are a therapist who has experience with daffists. But even therapists only get to see the character traits, but don’t feel the fierce impact of those ‘ traits ‘. This impact can cause stress, illnesses, burnout, depressions, fears or a heart attack. So it is very important that if you are dealing with a narcissist you are running for your life. I was my goose life victim of narcissists and lost my sister to the hands of her jealous man who was a psychopathic narcissist and murdered her in 2005. I have known my whole life almost nothing else, so this is an answer based on experience, rather than a study.

“,” Because you must have enough oxygen yourself-you should feel relatively well-if you want to be able to do something for another.Serious conditions require a particularly great skill to respect their own boundaries. From some positions and proportions, it is even impossible to keep the necessary distance and to apply the necessary self-care and demarcation.

In addition, someone must also have the necessary knowledge to be able to be constructive with a problem.I often dream of a world in which people would want more help or try to offer to others “in distress”. You collapse somewhere that your hats are over, however, can have disastrous consequences for all stakeholders. So perhaps it is often the best that people walk away rather than try to help and that way perhaps worse is prevented.

Because a narcissist does not want to be helped, IF he/she would even admit to need help.But those who would run away and not want to help, are already not picked up by a narcissist. It attracts people who are still gullible after 10x that it’s not meant to be bad, and think with more understanding to solve something

I also agreed with this.But that is a very good way to get stretched for their trolley. They insist that they need your help and you can do it all for them but they always know to find something to make sure you don’t care anything and give you a bad feeling about the smallest thingies.

And if you are there and want to talk about it, you will be taken into the Zeik and you are told that you can solve it yourself.

Now I think they can go into seeing that if they treat others with more respect, it also gets better for them.But as long as you continue to give them confirmation that this is not necessary and what they do is acceptable, they will not see it. The best thing you can do for them is to leave them behind and not look back.

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