If it were war again, would you be brave enough to join the resistance?

Do you think it is wise to announce that here in a public forum?

No idea, but statistically speaking it is unlikely.

There were more NSB-ers and collaborators in the Second World War than people in active opposition, and there were many more people who belonged to the ‘ silent majority ‘.

It would therefore be particularly blind and self-sufficient to say that I would belong to a small minority that would be courageous enough to fight a predominant with death-esteem, while my courage was never really tested and the figures are clear to me.

Yes, I know for sure.I would not want to make a price for my parents, who also took that decision.

I doubt it.I am not a brave man of myself. But what would hinder me even more is that I have women and children, who can then run at risk because I am so courageous. If I were all alone in the world, it could be different. Would. Maybe.

No.Often people have been decorated in the Netherlands after the Second World War, which should have been shot together with Rauter. Others who deserved a divorce never got it or only after they had become utterly Gaga and no longer understood its meaning. On the attitude of the Supreme Council during the Second World War there has been much criticism but most likely no member until the beggars expire let alone shot or hung.

No, actually not.

I would be able to do three things out of line preservation and an overall capitalistic spirit.

  1. Before we are invaded in the Netherlands moving to the other side of the ocean.
  2. Just continue my life.

If the company where I work goes bankrupt, I find another job. If I work indirectly for the occupying forces, it is.

  • Looking for valuable economic opportunities that are occurring through the war.
  • Not necessarily at the resistance or at the occupying, but just looking at what is profitable. Think of General Motors, Krupp or Daimler in the Second World War. Some will disagree with this, so that is why I put it on. I think that if war were to break out the idea of putting an opposition to it, that is all wrong.People are accustomed to doing everything with resources that you find now in seconds. Mobiles, laptops and everything. I would like to see a first look at how to resist without it being on the pavement within 10 seconds.

    I myself; I think myself, I’m limited physically.I do not think that resistance would be in the form of an attack or sabotage. Would be symbolic. Like many Dutchmen in early WW2 did. The birthday of Prince Bernhard wearing a carnation or the dime!
    I caught the dime from the movie “The Ice Cream Parlor from 1985”.But I knew an old couple who had so dime that way. They were afraid of violence. But they wore that dime. Passive resistance.

    Good question.

    Actually, you can only answer that when you are put in front of the block.

    Fortunately, the chance of being occupied by a foreign power is becoming quite small.

    But if democracy is broken down in the future from our own country, I will certainly investigate how I could go against it.

    First off I’m almost 60 and don’t think I’m still fit enough for whatever… But much more importantly, I have become a pacifist over the years.
    I find war and the whole madness of so few and then the rest as sheep are bringing themselves all the way to the slaughterhouse by the politicians and multinationals [financial institutions and large industries, etc., they are always the rich and empowered on this Globe that is better off and not on the frontline.
    I do not have any family and/or possessions, and for that flag and motherland I am not going to leave my life where that flag and homeland have more often robbed and belched me than I love.

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