If it were possible, would you want to get rid of the euro and go back to your old currency?

Difficult question.I think the euro is not sustainable, but I think that if he falls apart, the Netherlands must become a monetary state in Germany. That is our most important trading partner. I propose that Belgium and Austria should participate. I think you can pay with the Nord-mark throughout Europe.

That is completely useless.

The Netherlands is much and far too small to pursue a fully independent monetary policy.That is not only my opinion, The Hague came to the same conclusion in the years 50, when it was decided to link the guilder to the West German mark. Since then one paid in the Netherlands in fact with the D-Mark. If the Netherlands were to enter our old currencies again, that means a guilder that is linked to the Euro.

The choice to abolish the guilder was made in Berlin.When Berlin decided to exchange the Mark for the Euro, The Hague had the choice to link the guilder to the Euro, or to become a member of the club, and also to exchange the guilder for the Euro.

If the Netherlands were to re-introduce the guilder, our monetary policy will be largely determined in Frankfurt, but because the Netherlands is not a member of the Eurogroup, it will have no say in this, and thus deliver part of its sovereignty.

Reintroduction of the guilder will cost money, and guess who can pay for it.

Abolishing the guilder has no advantages, and only disadvantages.

The Euro should never have been introduced in this form.The Netherlands also had, like Denmark, been able to negotiate an opt-out. In particular, our pension funds are affected by the Euro. Bolkesteijn had already seen that well but unfortunately no consequences were attached to it.

Now, from the Euro steps, however, is a bad idea.Back to a mini coin is to deliver yourself to currency speculators.

I would like to return the purchasing power of the guilder.Entering the guilder back does not cause inflation to disappear. The Netherlands performed better without Brussels.

Happiness and pride derive from the color green of your means of payment is quite irrational.National numismatic fetishes are usually accompanied by other economic madness and conspiracy theories.

No… Then a bread costs 7 or 8 guilders.That can’t make me heart!

N茅e, but I have serious questions about the feasibility of Euro membership for South and Eastern European countries.

No.Imagine that you should share all prices again by 2.20371. Much too much work and the guilder would be a weak currency, not or barely accepted elsewhere. Every time you pass the border you have to switch and pay commissions. Only from a practical point of view highly recommended. Who wants it now?

If I had money though, it’s a nice nostalgic idea.

Our income per country and therefore also per person would be dramatically lower.

And also, in addition: now we have an influence on our currency, the Euro, in Brussels.At the time we had NOTHING to tell in Frankfurt, and the guilder was very the German Mark. The was just one, with a different appearance.

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