If it was successful to fall off with a certain diet, what are tips to stay slim and not re-arrive again quickly?

Make a lifestyle of that diet.That means something you can always do, which does not take so much effort that you are inclined to give it up, but is exactly under the edge of not feasible and therefore feasible.

I use as a basis the low carbohydrate diet.I never eat carbohydrates, no of course not. I’m going to delve into what kind of species there are. What balance is good for me. Finding a good way has definitely lasted for two years.

I avoid sugars as much as possible.In addition, I’m really going to look at what my body needs on for example a workday. On a working day I cycle a total of one hour and I sit almost quietly for the rest. On those days I eat as few carbohydrates as possible and when I eat them, I eat them during the day and not at my dinner.

On weekends I can eat something sweet.The joke is, if the focus is so on, ‘ Friday evening I can do something delicious ‘ that you have something like ‘ if necessary it is also not again ‘. Also at the weekend I adjust my food to my daily use, with the exception that I eat bread in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. It proposes quite little by now. Because I don’t eat much anymore, my stomach is very small. 1 whole wheat sandwich in the morning and I am full until noon. A pleasant welcome.

I think that for me the best change has been that food has become functional again.I don’t eat anymore to eat or because others eat or I know what reason you can invent to eat while it is not necessary.

The moments when I eat from conviviality are now a lot rarer and I really enjoy it.I also have certain food linked to certain activities. I only eat cake when someone is birthday. Provided that it is not a weekday and that I have 100% sense in that piece of cake. I am not such a sweet tooth, I am very likely to thank you for it. If I take it once anyway is that because I really want to eat that piece for the 100%-not because it is there. It is a conscious choice and the chance that that piece of cake meets my requirements is relatively small. I think I’ve now landed at 4 x a year a slice of cake.

What also helped me is just stopping as soon as you have enough.We are tempted by eating, because what is called against us ‘ eat your plate empty! ‘.
The thought behind it is of course that you get all your nutrients, but those against Haksioma and Madlom on food, tie again a completely different issue.Enough is just enough. Your body will give a clear signal. Listen to it and don’t be persuaded by others ‘ take some ‘ or ‘ let alone is rude ‘ (this can be avoided by just taking small portions yourself).

I think half of losing weight has to do with behaviour, habits and the social aspect, 30% with food and 20% move.

So if you really want to change something, start with your behaviour.Eat what you eat, but play is with the idea ‘ I stop when I have enough ‘. You’re going to eat less. Think also ‘ Do I really need this? ‘ Do you really need that march, or you better take a walk and a breath of fresh nose. By asking questions to yourself, you learn to know yourself better, even if you see any pitfalls you’ll always be ‘ gosh ‘ if I have an incident at work I order dinner in the evening.. Why do I actually do that? ‘

People sometimes say ‘ so your diet is strict -I can’t do that ‘.Then I say ‘ my diet is not at all strict, I am allowed to eat everything from myself ‘. However, I would ask myself the question ‘ Why do I choose ‘ and then I will find out nine of the ten times that something is behind what I can just solve and not have anything to eat!

A diet is not a solution to look more beautiful and slimmer.It is a piece of tools that can be used in the total solution.

The solution itself is to change your lifestyle.What to look for in your life that makes you fat, and change that. Work there first, before you start a diet. Otherwise, a diet is useless and you will find yourself in a yoyo situation.

So If you’re eating too much or don’t eat healthily, change that first.Permanently. Too little movement? Change that first. Permanently. Too little sleep? Too much stress at work? Same.

Once * those * wheels have been put into operation, just go and think about a possible diet.

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