If it was possible to stay in good health, would you want to live forever?

I do not know.

On the one hand I am very curious.How is it going on with humanity, what scientific developments are coming-in short, I don’t have to die for a long time.

On the other hand: ‘ Forever ‘ is quite an end.If, over time, you would not strike the interest, you may see endless repetitive developments, you would not be spit-fed over time…

So: I do not know.But luckily I have no choice. Skinny Hein seems to be a bad interlocutor.

In that respect, I am actually rather conservative.I do believe in a time of coming and going, and I think that also promotes the world. You have to taste plate for new ideas; A new wind when you are burnt out.

I think, if we all flock to ‘ eternal ‘ life, the consequences can be very large.That dictatorship weakened because the father died and the younger son was incompetent? It is now just a dictatorship, forever. Professors make no more space for younger talent. Power-lovers remain in their place for a long time or perhaps even forever.

I think the progress would stagnate.Progress is achieved to a large extent by a young generation and an older generation which, on the one hand, exchanges experience but also takes place.

It could be that other developments partly nullify this effect, but at this moment I remain sceptical and I would also like to make plate flavours for others when the time has come. I also have no problem with it that a finite one would come.

Years ago, my 14-year-old son already said:
“Life is so beautiful and worth a lot because it’s finite!If you were to live forever or 1000 years you can always think: The beautiful is still coming.
You have to live nicely!Because it is little ! “

I learn a lot from my sons:-)

Resounding yes.
There used to be a fear that kept me from my sleep regularly.That was the fear of dying. But I have had to abandon that definition, because I have no fear of dying. I am opposed to leaving life, is more correct.
I like to live, very gladly.And yet that is not a lavish life. I don’t find the limits, I’m not a party beast, I don’t need any empty relationships etc. There is apparently nothing that gives me reason to live.
Surely it is life itself.All your senses that are stimulated, all the beauty that you see around you, even though a lot has already been destroyed. But I have easy talk! I’m in a luxury position. I have not known hunger, no poverty and especially… Since WW II we have not known any war. I hear a lot of people complaining how badly they do not have it in Belgium, but they are not silent that they have lived in peace for decades.
And then the doubt of eternal life quietly sneaks into your mind.OK, what if war erupts suddenly? What if I can’t breathe the air that should keep me alive? What if the sun is burnt out, and the earth is literally rooting with everything that moves on it? Do I want to experience that?
Leave that eternal life in the drawer and just give me good hunts for as long as possible.

Always is of course a very hard to realize concept seriously thinking about always.Until when is that until our sun explodes until the universe undergoes the big rip or not?

The concept always is very much to actually turn your head around it.

Would you like to stay alive until everyone you know and love Dead is also such a question

I would like to stay alive for as long as I found it necessary.

Should that prove to be forever then it is forever if it turns out to be until I have all the knowledge then it is until then.Or to another point in time or space.

I also think that it should be able to be at least transferable to 2 people that you do not mean to be entirely alone. That’s what you hear to be all alone

I would like to enter into the experiment, because although in the Fifties, I am still very curious and afflicted with a great hunger for knowledge and experiences.That has not diminished with the years. But because the future is unclear, I would like to attach a condition to it.

In our current imperfect condition, we can only exert a limited influence on the length of our life span.Some even argue that that influence is not at all. In any case, as we know the present world, it is the moment for everyone that his body is entering it. Death, often rather conceded in the beautiful imagery of skinny Hein.

But the possibility we are investigating here is that of a life-lock in which death no longer comes knocking at the door to entrust your body to the Earth, for example.

A condition in which I am obliged, so doomed, to always live in that body that I still love, is terrible because then freedom of choice is lacking.In The life of now, without committing suicide, someone can still significantly shorten his life with alcoholism, drugs, cigarettes, obesity or consciously look for the danger.

If the body were so equipped that you could in principle live forever with it, then that would still have to be a body that can go dead by, for example, a poison pill.Otherwise it will be something monster. And, coupled with it, a legally anchored right to put an end to it if you feel it is enough.

So if these conditions are met, I would like to go to the experiment.

Paradoxically, in the ordinary world in which we now live, I believe that suicide must be vigorously discouraged.That is because I actually find the current human life too short, many people do not meet all their ambitions. And someone who suddenly breaks down on a spur, solves no problem and leaves a dislocated environment.

As “in good health”, it means “in good mental health”.

But I doubt it is possible to achieve that last.After so much loss and seeing so much misery I think that everyone is slowly but surely at least depressed. If only at the sight of the umpteenth time humanity fails……

Infinitely long or infinitely short (because life is a flash).It’s both sucks.

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