If I were to travel in time and ended up in the Middle Ages, what would be the chances that they would normally find me and not kill me?

In The Middle Ages, you had to beware of people who fell outside of the social order: Losloping spacities without means of existence and those were banned from the cities.Travelling outside the cities was dangerous, even for middle-century, let alone for you.

But within the cities, monasteries or other fortified residential areas such as castles each had its place.You too would fall outside of the existing order and thus soon be looked at with astonishment, ridicule or contempt. I would O.I.D. go there in pale linen clothes. Better still would be to assume the role of a traveling merchant, doctor, Handsman, Pilgrim, Minstrel, but with the accompanying language and skills. People are not stupid, so anyway you would soon fall through the basket and then what?

For a weird foreigner you could spend the best, a wealthy traveler so but those were rare and you would see a lot of them.Such a person was tolerated in general, as long as you had sufficient resources.

‘, ‘ The probability that you could adapt well to the situation is already quite unlikely.Realize that the Middle Ages are an enormously large and complex period, subject to major changes. It is complete where and when you end up. The same also applies to the periods before and after the Middle Ages. Apart from the fact that you could not speak or understand any language, it would also be difficult to make yourself clear, symbols, expressions or hand gestures do not have the same meanings as they have now. The safest would be to learn Arabic, Latin or Ancient Greek, because in cities there would always be someone who can understand you. However, you will soon come out with clergy, who might be able to drop you as a devil person. In short, prepare well.
Community is an enormously important concept in the Middle Ages.If you would not hear anything, you will probably not come in anywhere. You can pretend to be a merchant, but without goods, little knowledge of the world, no money or permission from authorities you also come nowhere. Monk/Pilgrim is a good alternative, but then you have to have a good story. Travel is very difficult without transport, because roads are not or poorly tracked.
Certainly in the early Middle Ages there are no authorities that kept all persons safe.If you come nowhere inside, with strange clothes, strange stuff, then you would be seen as a threat, or as strange. Tolerant it was often not. Outside the cities there is no longer any law, the chance to survive there is already very small.
It is said that wealth opens up many doors, but then you have to have something of value.Electronics or designer clothing is quickly useless (although special fabrics and metals do have some value) and with euros you don’t get far. You can only have better fabrics, precious metals or spices to be found ‘ rich ‘. Becoming familiar is another story.
When it comes to health, there is still another problem.Most likely you are not able to cope with many diseases and bacteria that are normal in the Middle Ages. The chance of getting sick from other people or injuries is very high. If you are sick yourself, there is also the May that you are eradicates the local population with your modern illnesses. Food is scarce, sus there you may also look for. Water can be drinkable and certainly not as polluted as many people think, yet you are better if you cook it, something some middle-century men also knew.
If you could already live in a city it becomes difficult to survive, because you have quite little to your skills, unless you have knowledge of old professions and the local carpenter, cobbler or blacksmith you want to help.
Your biggest chance to survive is to knock at a convent and hope they’ll let you in and help.If you know how to survive, you can be part of a special and turbulent period, with beautiful developments and new ideas. Before you go I would first read up/INOCUII.

“,” A normal citizen would have no problems with you though you are going to find it difficult to communicate with them.As long as you do nothing serious like insulting God/Jesus/King or some great sin, people won’t pay attention to you. People have never been as bloodthirsty as you imagine. The times were somewhat heavier due to food shortages and many bandits cutting your throat for a piece of bread, but the average man tried to get around quite simply without pulling too much of the environment

If you were to travel in modern clothing to the Middle Ages, one might think you’re terribly rich.

It was difficult to dye clothes.Many dyes were very very expensive. So only the most richest people had many colored clothes.

For the most part, the rich were people of nobility.However, it would become clear quite quickly that you did not get from one of the famous noble families. That could put you in trouble.

There has even been a period in England, that it was forbidden to wear clothes that were not in your status.However, you were not murdered, you got a hefty fine. That’s what rich traders found even more beautiful: they could boast even more with their wealth. They kept their expensive clothes so just wear them.

Also with other things you will just deviate a little bit.People will think that you come from very far or have not had a good education. Not immediately a reason to kill you, but it will sometimes become quite uncomfortable.

Where would you end up?In a village? A city? A monastery? The court of a prince?

If you ended up in a year’s market, in a big city, where people were walking around a lot of regions, it might take a while.A Burgundian of the 13th century may be as odd for a bridge as you do for them. Speaking a weird little language, weird dressed, half a metre bigger than most people from here, seems hopelessly lost… but if you get into a village or town (most “cities” have only 2000 to 3000 inhabitants, and live mainly from the weekly market day) , you’ll be very noticed very quickly. Maybe they think you’re crazy, or bewitching. But I think it’s going to end quickly and badly.

It’s like a UFO would land in a village in Zeeland, and something would come true with 4 limbs and a head, but no one knows what it is. Can it talk?Did it build that thing? From where does it come? They would of course call the police. Or the army.

A woman would have a great chance to end up on a stake as a witch.Although men were also at risk in that respect. The priest Grandier of Loudun shines on a fire pile to be soap brought.

Unfortunately, there is a small snag that has probably not yet emerged in the other answers:

When you would travel time, there would be an implication which would make the rest of the question worthless.

But if I would tell, I’ll explain the basics of a book I’m writing.Let’s say so… it would leave them cold. And that’s a lot of giving away.

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