If I want to become rich, in which country would I be able to (or should) do the best? And why right there?

If you want to get your goal (Rich) at all, I think you should first of all have certain qualities/qualities that will increase your chances of success.If you are entrepreneurial, hard-working, and not afraid to take risks, you are more likely to have financial success, than when you (in any country) are going to wait for the money to come to you…. (read: does not happen). If you do not work as a self-employed person, the chances are that you will be really rich virtually nil (especially in the Netherlands). However, good (university) training increases your market value and opportunities in the labour market. With a good education and, with the years, work experience you can build a beautiful career and enjoy a great income. So you may not be “rich”, but living comfortably seems to me to be a pretty objective.

In countries where GDP is higher, you will earn more than in NL. In rich countries such as Luxembourg and Switzerland, the large Dutch banks and financial institutions, often demand for Dutch-language people.Although the livelihoods are relatively expensive, salaries and emoluments are often very common. The government also does another German in the pocket.

If you have already built up a capital (Tje), you might consider investing in real estate.There is currently a large shortage of homes. You could focus on living space for students or starters. Buy an apartment in a student city, split it up into several rooms for the rental… Buy, renovate and sell with a profit… Possibilities enough.

With a modest Dutch pension you live in many Asian countries as a “God in France”.

Win the lottery.Write a bestseller. Becomes film star.

How, where and whether you become rich depends on so many factors.There is actually no level to raise. I suspect that people who are rich (become) never have to ask others..;-)

Tip: If your passion, satisfaction and pleasure in your work make your priorities instead of becoming rich, the disappointment will be less if you never reach your goal.

Rich you’ve always been, only you don’t know yet.If you come back there, the location makes little more.

Hannah, stay good in the Netherlands.If you had talent for being rich, you had already been on your way in the Netherlands. So maybe you have no talent for becoming rich (like almost everyone). I think that the Netherlands is a fine country for if you are not wealthy.

I am not in favour of thinking in limiting manpower, borders and language areas.

But if you want to choose a location, then settle in an area where the government has invested in good education, infrastructure (road, water, airport and communication) facilities and where a good entrepreneurial climate is in terms of tax burden and regulation.

Whether you get rich, that’s not said at all.This is your personality. But with these criteria you have a good chance of success.

‘, ‘ From an entepreneural position it is still America’s west Coast.But Day is really a realisties goal. There is so much to enjoy that with less than a huge money mountain to reach. As for myself, it is good to be financially independent. More don’t have to though.

“,” First of all, you need to ask yourself what wealth is. Are you talking about amount of money?

  1. Make sure you can do something that not many people in the world can.

When you’ve achieved that, make sure you’re one of the best and also created an image for yourself.

  • Start a successful business.
  • How to do that? No idea, but if I was easy everyone had done it.

  • Live with less and you will soon feel rich.
  • Should you necessarily that expensive car or expensive property or can it be less too? What are you really happy with? Give your money. And you will see that wealth is closer than you think.

    Good luck!

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