If a narcissist is ashamed of his deeds, why do they continue to repeat their mistakes and continue to hurt others?

Everything in the inner of a narcissist will be put in the work not to feel that shame.This is therefore projected on you. You are the culprit, you are bad. The rare times they feel their shame, they are also feeling extremely depressed. But this will always turn around and never lead to a healthy self-image and change in behavior. The defensive mechanisms are just too big. They will find many more supporters (smear campaign) or just a new form of supply. Narcissism is a defensive mechanism. This break takes years of therapy with a very uncertain outcome. Most do not change. Don’t want to change either. With their is nothing wrong right?

A narcissist is not ashamed of his actions.He is ashamed of what has ever been inflicted on him, for how powerless he/she felt then. He has stopped this shame very deeply, and no one can ever see anyone. Narcissism is the defense against this comprehensive, self-destructive shame.

A narcissist cannot afford to be ashamed once again-because it appeals so strongly to the feeling of being completely worthless.

Sometimes it happens anyway, very briefly.Then you will have to mountain, because that shame has to be projected into someone else. The narcissist cannot handle shame and will need someone to carry it for him (he projects it on someone else-he will accuse them, make black, feel to them).

He will not be ashamed of this in almost all cases.Projection is an unconscious process, and the narcissist will find that that other one got what he deserved (the defensive mechanism in action).

‘, ‘ That ‘ shame ‘ is at the same time a ‘ redemption agent ‘ in order not to take responsibility, to make others guilty of their misere/feeling and as well as egocentric as the lime-light

“,” This is a loaded question.It assumes that a narcissist is ashamed of his actions. But is that the same? Wouldn’t a narcissist think that a man is responsible for his own feelings? In other words: that the negative reaction and pain of another is called up by the hurt individual himself? And that the narcissist is self-outgoing than thinks, why does this not keep his feelings in the Gareel? There the shame reaction comes from inliving in a different pain. This does not mean that it also feels responsible for this. A narcissist might want to say that you must be pain resistant because that is him too. So basically the narcissist tries to heal you. As soon as you learn to deal with feelings and to turn them right into positive power, the power dynamics will change entirely in your favor. The ego is stronger than a superficial feeling. But a profound powerful positive feeling wins it from the ego. Surely you can’t hurt someone who doesn’t allow that?

Because that embarrassment may rather be an attempt to bring again to the other what to weigh.That you let the person back out of pity because he or she demonstrates demonstratively ‘ you see I really suffer from it ‘.

In addition, narcissists live in survival mode.That is quite a limited strategy with only a number of actions and acts. For this reason they continue to make the same (so-called) mistakes. They always use the same strategy.

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