I want to become a farmer. How do I tackle this?

First, you’ll have to invest heavily because you’ll need a farm with fairly some land.We quickly talk about a million or more, although a bank may be able to help you with investing if you can prove that you have the knowledge and experience. And because of this high cost I advise you to first find a folk garden association in your neighbourhood where you can manage a piece of land for an annual amount of a few hundred euros and grow your own vegetables. This allows you to gain experience.

If you want livestock farming and you have a reasonable backyard then you can also start with a chicken coop with 10 laying hens to produce eggs every day.

Other options are arable crops, orchards and greenhouse construction.And often you will be able to combine it with each other so that you e.g. take 10 cows or 25 sheep to produce your own manure for your field. A part of your field will then be used to produce hay and silage and the rest will deliver your yield. And if you take dairy cows or milk sheep you also get calves and lambs that you can sell to other farmers or to the slaughter. Some calves and lambs will keep you from replacing the older cows and sheep with them. But in principle, you want to produce and consume as much of the necessary resources as possible so that you are not dependent on external feed companies or manure farms. You then have a mixed business. And usually a combination of companies because your herd is in a meat company, your hay production in company 2, your greenhouse vegetables in company 3 and your arable land in company 4.

Keep in mind that most farmers are a family business with other family members.So you are a farmer, but your wife and children will be. And possibly your brother or sister, parents, uncles and aunts and other family members. This is a profession that you can’t easily do in your yaron.

Working as a farmer also means sustainable handling of your finances simply because your earnings are seasonal.After all, you only earn per harvest and depending on what you grow, it is once or twice a year. With multiple crops you can harvest more often, but the quantity is less. With your herd you really only earn from the sale of your cattle (calves and lambs) and also to the milk they produce. Optionally, add a cheese dairy as a company and make your own butter and cheese. Some extra free-range laying hens and you also have eggs in production, in small quantities and maybe enough for your local market.

You are doing well to visit a farm for a chat with experienced farmers.They can tell you exactly what you are dealing with. A farmer’s market is an excellent place for this but also annual markets and local fairs are a good place for more information.

You will have to learn a lot about agriculture itself.You will also need to be aware of the risk-鈩?s you are running. Especially in cattle breeding, you can be vulnerable to things such as avian flu and swine fever, but also various other illnesses that mean an end to your herd. In agriculture you depend on the weather and a very dry or wet summer can be disastrous for your harvest. So you need to know how you can save your business in these disasters. Ensure good training for yourself and anyone who helps you.

As a modern farmer, you are basically a businessman and you have to delve into the economy well.After all, you have to build up financial reserves to absorb any calamity or to bridge the periods between the harvests. This often means that you do not have sufficient savings account. Buying a house somewhere and renting it out can give you extra income.

Further, work on your condition and go and work on a farm to see if you like it.As a servant you don’t earn much but you do get the experience you need. Including the experience of going with machines used on a farm. You will also need to purchase good clothing where sturdy jeans and safety boots with steel noses are very important. And make sure you can do well against the climate because in the winter, when it freezes, you may also need to land on it. But in the summer at 35 degrees You can not bake on Zandvoort but you also have to get started. Your vegetables are thirsty.

And you are going to make long days, although there will be many moments of rest.But basically you work when the sun goes up until the sun is down again and that’s pretty long.


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