I want to become a digital nomade. What is the first step I need to take?

The most important step towards digital Nomade is knowing yourself.
My son has his own company next to his study.And when I look at it with my 20 + years of work experience I occasionally wonder: “… Boy, are you really an entrepreneur? “. He is engaged in technology, but much less with finding customers for his technology.
He is certainly in one thing: “I don’t want an office job!”.Does this mean that you are an entrepreneur, or does this mean that your company allows you to postpone choices? I do not know, and I think he himself is not yet. You’re young and you want some, but you don’t know how.

If you know who you are and what motivates you, you know directly whether life as a digital nomad suits you.I have collaborated with a young Polish man, a programmer, who has this lifestyle. It is very interesting how else he stands in mind as I live. He has a piece of freedom that I don’t have in my life. On the other hand, there is also more uncertainty in a number of areas. That fits in his life (young, single) better as In my life (married with children).

Yesterday I had a question on the English Quora “When did you know you are a business analyst?”.The core of this goes back to when I was a year or 15, and early in my career it has become clearer, only I realised this at the time. I think this is the case for many people. You know which direction you want, but can not yet indicate it.
When you become a digital nomad, you have the choice to travel in a certain way: flexible and lightweight.My trip was different: first good planning and a good means of transport, and only then on the path. Both can lead to the same endpoint, but do so in a different way.
The question is what suits you best.

The rest is a side issue, especially when you are young.

Step 1 is to build a portfolio and customer base that takes you abroad.Because when you start traveling and working right that is very heavy and difficult. I know a lot of digital nomads who indicate the chucked because it is difficult to earn enough money on the road. It all seems very romantic, but while others are on the beach, you sit on your hotel room or in your Airbnb to search for work and that requires a certain attitude of life and discipline.

Step 2 is save, so you have a little apple for the thirst.Reserve money for when it’s ‘ even disappointing ‘ with work finding. You can do that by minimizing your lifestyle. Because as a digital nomad you cannot bring many things and clothes. So that’s actually already step 3

Step 3 to live minimalist, buy good equipment for your work that lasts for a long time and decide what you do and do not need in your life.

Step 4 Practice While you still have a home and have a base, because the life of duck digital nomade is much too romantic presented on the Internet.Working under all circumstances is often tricky. Can you concentrate and deliver a good product if there is a power outage, a braky Internet, screaming children sitting around you or people sitting at the table next to you?

What do you need to perform well?You will discover that when you practice in your own country or on short trips. You can also experiment with contacting your customers. Something very important if you work in different time zones.

Furthermore, you have to realise that if you travel to distant countries, you can deal with extreme conditions so that you can not exercise your work continuously or at the same level.You will not be the first nomade in a tropical storm not to get its deadline and thus lose a customer, or during a brownout losing everything because he did not set the autosave of the laptop properly.

I myself had started life as a nomad on my 52nd, 2 year preparation in the Netherlands before I hoisted my backpack on my back.And even I struggle sometimes with overfatigue, concentration problems and lack of self-discipline. Or lack of creativity because I’m just not in an inspiring environment.

What Jos neighbor replies to is correct: learn to know yourself and try to estimate how you will react under extreme conditions.And also how you deal with the grey area where digital Nomade works in many countries. Because working on a tourist visa is not allowed in many countries. And yet you do that.

O Yes, and think about what you do with sickness costs and how you deal with emergencies abroad if you travel alone.

Well, whole sermon.Hopefully it won’t discourage you, because that’s not my intention. But I do want to make a realistic sound in a world in which digital Nomade is portrayed far too romantic.

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Success with your future plans!

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