I visit Rome soon for the first time. What should I decide to do and what not?

Rome is a beautiful city.There are many beautiful buildings, you can have good food and the people are very nice. Taxis are quite affordable, but if you can walk well-do that! You see a lot more.

What you need to do:

  • Visit the Coloseum.

Maybe you don’t want to go inside, that’s fine, but it’s a very impressive building.

  • Visit the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin, with the right hand over the left shoulder.
  • Then you will come back again in Rome once again.

  • Visit the Vatican and St. Peter’s.
  • The park at Villa Borghese ensures you have a very nice view over the city.
  • And the real must do: Visit Campo de ‘ Fiori.
  • A real Italian market where Jamie Oliver also does his shopping.

    What you shouldn’t do is take the taxi from the Vatican City.Walk for 10 minutes, then you are back in Italy, which saves you at least 60 euros.

    Besides the already mentioned things:

    • The small restaurants in the alleys are usually good, affordable and fast.
    • Basilica of Saint John Lateran (San Giovanni in Laterano)
    • Take to day (part) free to walk around in the part of town with the historical sights.

    There are many small things scattered around the city to discover. Actually, the most important thing is that you are not trying to see everything.Rome has a great deal to offer; So much so that it can be overwhelming. Certainly for myself as someone who loves history there really is a lot to see.

    Accept that you can’t see everything and don’t try that.Take the time to just stroll around and let yourself be surprised.

    I kept it for my trip on what I could find on this blog of itineraries.Very handy overview of the essentials in the city and how or when you visit them best, because for some monuments you really have huge queues, just like in other big cities. Without guidance, we might not have seen so much. However, it seems that I have visited the main places now.

    25 x Sights in Rome + what to visit in Rome?Tips & Info

    A lot has already been added, but I think there are still some gems missing!

    • Cimitero Accattolico: One of the most beautiful cemeteries I already saw.

    The pyramid is super cool, but the sculptures on every grave slab are even more impressive.

  • Catacombs: There are several underground catacombs under Rome.
  • You may not take pictures, but still quite exciting to see them. Occasionally you see some bones lying down. Scary!

  • Speaking of Bones, there is also a kind of chapel that is completely decorated with human bones and skulls.
  • Very separate to see!

  • Trastevere: I think the most pleasant neighborhood in Rome.
  • It is also not as crowded here as in some other places.

    For an overview, take a look at 25 beautiful sights in Rome | Travel guide to Rome 🙂

    In any case, invest in a pass for the public transport, because Rome is very large.

    For the most beautiful view in Rome (I think) you should definitely go inside the Castel Sant’Angelo.At the top you get a spectacular view of both the Vatican and Rome.

    Have fun!