I sometimes drink coffee with a lot of milk and a lot of sugar and if nobody looks, I add an extra sugar cube. Why do many people say this is bad for you?

Does it make a difference when people look?

Why do you hide to add the extra sugar cube?

That’s the most problematic here: that you feel you need to hide.

This is a clear sign of eating disorders.When your behavior with food is more connected with emotions than with hunger.

If you start to cherish negative feelings about food: guilt feelings…. Etc…. Then you run the risk of developing dangerous eating disorders.

At physical level: too much sugar is not good for your health, we all know that.You can get diabetes, overweight, cavities….. Etc. Get.

But what happens in your head worries me much more than just the physical side.The way you think about and handle food is much harder to heal than the rest.

That an excess of sugar and/or sugary drinks bad for our health, is generally known, it leads to overweight and obesity, which again leads to more diabetes, which leads again to heart attacks, heart weakness, kidney failure, and To elevated blood pressure leading to strokes, heart attacks, heart weakness, kidney failure..

For people who want to lose weight is the shuning of sugar essential, see this English-language educational video aimed at doctors Good Calories, Bad Calories: A New Twist on Weight Gain

The WHO recommendation is 6 clumps of sugar per day, see number 1 in health, in contrast used the average Dutchman 23 to 30 butts per day

These are just a few ptweetalingen that shows that sugar consumption is detrimental to our health, but on the internet you can find much more yourself:

Sugar-Sweetened beverages, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, and Cardiovascular Disease risk from 2010 shows a clear link between sugar-containing beverages-including fruit juice that naturally contains sugars-and the risk of Diabetes later See

Multivariate RRs were adjusted for age, alcohol (0, 0.1 to 4.9, 5.0 to 9.9, 脗-楼 10 g/D), Physical activity (quintiles), family history of diabetes mellitus, smoking (never, past, current), postmenopausal hormone use (never, ever), oral contraceptive use (never, Past, current), intake (quintiles) or cereal fiber, magnesium, trans fat, polyunsaturated: saturated fat, and consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks, diet soft drinks, fruit juice, and fruit punch (other than the main exposure, depending on Model).

These data are based on data from Schulze et al.34

This new article from 2019 Association between added sugar intake and mortality is nonlinear and dependent on sugar source in 2 Swedish population 鈧?”based prospective cohorts shows a link between higher sugar consumption and higher mortality Risiko, also in the group that used very little sugar, and which generally followed a healthier lifestyle, this risiko is partly dependent on the source of the sugar

You just have to do what you want.Of course I can say that this is not healthy, but you can think of that. I try to make unhealthy things no habit or at least no frequent more a party.

May sound stupid, but only in the Christmas holidays do I drink milk in my coffee and then this.Once we were on holiday in Germany and this I came across. In the Christmas holidays I am birthday so on that day and the days around it I allow myself to drink ‘ berend room ‘.

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