I read too many programming books because I feel that I don’t have enough knowledge yet, I’m stuck in a learning pattern. How can I stop reading and just make the websites/webshop I want?

Reading is often used as an excuse to escape work.After all, reading is pretty easy. Doing the work on the other hand will always be at least a little ‘ forego ‘ and a little bit of a clammy to get ahead. Compare it to motoring: even if you read all the books about driving, you won’t be able to do it if you get into that car the first time. You will only learn to drive when you are effectively stepping into a car and (gently) klungelt.

“How can I stop reading and just make the websites/webshop I want?”

That’s a question that answered itself a bit.You simply stop reading and start, where you use your books and the Internet purely as reference work.

Believe me: Many developers feel that they have insufficient knowledge.Me too. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful developer is that the first one starts and the second is not. You can only learn to swim by getting wet; You can only learn to develop by effectively making things.

I prefer to do it the other way around.I just start and then when I run up against something I’m going to figure that particular part out.

If you have too much in your head of information, you will continue to see bears on the road.
The only way to stop reading is to start building.

That you cannot start is perhaps a good sign, you want to be satisfied with the person who is going to visit the website or use the webshop. There is also the right solution.

You’re unsure if it’s good enough, you’ll never find out unless you start building.You can still read a thousand books, but you always keep this feeling and only go away when you start.

Gather your courage-no not to look up a book where your courage has gone, your courage is somewhere in your shoes one says;)

Pull them on and get on the path!

If you can’t stop reading books on your topic, that in itself is of course very good.In principle, you never know enough. There is only a risk that you will become ‘ the man of the day after Tomorrow ‘. That’s someone who says, “Just a moment and I’m ready,” but that day doesn’t seem to come, because when are you really ready if you want to know and have seen everything?

You have to see it like this: there is a ladder and you want to go upstairs.You constantly rise and stay while looking up. You focus exclusively on the distance you still think you need to make. Now you also have to make a habit of looking down. This is how the focus suddenly falls on the road you have already traveled. There is all your ammunition.

Finally: You can read as many books as you want, ‘ doing ‘ is always different than reading about it.Practical experience is only done gradually. Once you’re at it, all knowledge becomes one big register that your brain is working through as it suits.

Best advice what I can give herein is just start.Build a step further on your site (s) every day.

Nice first exercise can be:

Grid Garden

It can also help to try another channel.Try VB A (richer) YouTube tutorial series about language of your choice, (or HTML if you can’t choose) and make every exercise painstakingly

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