I pined money at an ING ATM in AH, was distracted by my children and forgot to take the money. When I came back it was gone. It has been debited from my account. What can I do? Is there any chance for me to get it back?

To begin with, most ATMs in the Netherlands take back the money spent for some time if this is not taken out, so it could be that the money was not depreciated.I should check this first before taking any further steps.

If your money has been depreciated, it may be that the person after you has withdrawn the money without informing you, and in that case a criminal offence has been committed.In that case, you can ask if there are camera images of the moment you have pinged. Since ATMs are always in the picture of the camera, there is a high probability that there will be a recording if this fact has occurred somewhat recently. It helps if you can give the exact moment to which this fact took place.

If the camera shows that someone has actually withdrawn your money, you have good reason to report to the police.Personally, I would also make a copy of the images directly, though this is by making a recording of the screen. That helps your business move forward faster.

So to answer your question: Absolutely.However, you will have to bother. The question is whether the amount of money you have lost is worth the effort and rectification.

If the answer to that is 鈧?虄ja . Would I submit a request to the relevant manager of the AH in question to speak the above.

Good luck!

Let us be adult and take responsibility for our own deeds, including oblivion.

From the other answers, everyone seems to want to reject the big bad bank (or its shareholders), the troublesome procedures, the poorly-functioning automat that is swallowing or not, or the happy 鈧?虄vinder (I would like the Pinner no longer present is also just happy prizes and do not ask me any heavy ethical questions).

Sour money and hard lesson.But this happens to you no two…

No, DON’T let IT FOR what IT IS. YOU HAVE to REPORT IT (it’s harder for the bank to find out if you don’t let anything know- ‘ 卢 70 is being pinted and the ‘ 卢 70 pinners have to watch them all before they know that you are the scattered culprit.

It will depend on the type of ATM:

  • Are the best ones to make that sound (Biep-Biep-Biep: Your money is ready) and then pass your card back.
  • The one where the risk is to forget your money in the slider, much bigger are those where you enter your PIN, immediately get your card back, think the transaction is okay and m脙 虉t pass and leave without money, but that is not a reason for panic : The money remains in the slider for 8 seconds and is then swallowed again by the machine.

    Two months ago it was just that that happened to me: I had ‘ 卢 200 ‘ pinned, something too long done about the pass to cross and… Both the slider and my wallet were empty.
    I dropped the transaction slip, pulled out my rack. Copies and entered the bank.

They could not help me because the management of these automats is no longer done by the offices themselves. It happened on a Tuesday and on Thursday the swallowed money was back on my account.

They know perfectly how much a full vending machine contains and have a kassarol with the details of each collection.So they had, when the Automat was refilled again instead of BV ‘ 卢 2.000 still ‘ 卢 2.200 in stock.

The place where those counts happen are full of Camera s.The other controllers make it impossible for a servant to say from: 鈧?虄What nice, that ‘ 卢 200 I put in my pocket and I go with my partner to eat Gourmet.

That it should now be just today that I forgot my Card in a shop.Luckily, I still had enough cash to sing it to Monday. Maybe the camera of the ATM

I’ve also had this once (ok I was drunk, was talking and just walked away, Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam) The interesting thing is that when I called Rabobank on Monday, they admitted that ‘ the balance was not put up ‘ in short, they could not figure out whether the money WA s swallowed by the vending machine or was taken by the next in line.Therefore, my 100 Euro was refunded. Much success

Zo n device keeps track of all actions and transactions.
So even if it has swallowed your money again.

No the bank is not going to give you this back, they are not for you but for the shareholders.

But you can contact them and ask to check.
It is the ING that says that pins are safe, let’s make them true.

O.It could be that so someone on the phone says that T 80,-costs to start an investigation. Just hang up and call again, chances are that the next one that incorporates other rules knows and it just goes to investigate.

Yes call them!

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