I love spicy food but want some variation on Tabasco. Which hot sauce do you recommend?

Is spicy from many markets at home.So according to the ‘ nationality ‘ of your dish you choose sambal oelek (Indonesian, Malaysian), Harissa (North African), chilli or pili pili, a variant of chili pepper.

Also spicy is grated horseradish, whether or not with cream or beetroot through it, delicious for example with fish balls like in the Yiddische kitchen where it is known as Chrain.

In Japanese cuisine, fish and sushi are spicy with wasabi, a much more expensive plant than the horseradish.

Note: The seeds of chili peppers make your fingers so ‘ hot ‘ that you have to be careful when manipulating contact lenses.

Very spicy but very tasty are the sauces of Blair’s.Most of them are for real chiliheads and you have to approach them with a radiation-resistant suit.

But this one is very special and a Tikkie Culer:

Blair’s After Death with Liquid Fire Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Still very very spicy though!But the fire only starts to burn when you’ve already swallowed the stuff. It feels like you had drunk a glass of extra-strong liquor. But not unpleasant.

A little softer in the sauces of Blair’s and in the region of Tabasco is honour one with a very special delicious aftertaste, Louisiana Gold:


You can just find it in the grocery store.The aftertaste reminds of the Madame Jeanette peppers, but that sauce is a lot milder.

The brand Tabasco also has a special tasty variante with Chipotle peppers.Also not very spicy but very tasty:

Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce 150ml-Shop America

West Indian hot pepper sauce-does not cost yet half a bottle of Tabasco, is pieces and pieces sharper and also comes in a much larger, elongated and square bottle.Nice light blue label with some palmpjes on it and yada yada to give it a tropical character. The brand is Encona. I’m not sure if you can get that in NL too, although I assume that in the cities there is a tokootje somewhere that sells the stuff. Although I assume that it will not cost only 1.30.

Tabasco itself also has several variants, of which the Habanero variant MI is the sharpest.

Furthermore, you can still try the green Mexican hot sauce, which hurts the side, so sharp it is, Schirachi from Thailand, but I have experienced, the variant that is available in NL is too salty to my liking.Black death is the very sharpest I have ever had-1 drop in the soup or eat and it fire your mouth out.

Good sharp food is only then good when it’s the next day on the toilet still fire.Therefore, try out the Indian cuisine Phall, many times sharper than Vindaloo. I once made the mistake of ordering that in an Indian restaurant. The waiter still asked me if I knew for sure-yes I knew for sure. Two bites I tasted something of the chicken and the, for Indian cuisine, inevitable, coriander and then it became only sharp and fire. Sweating like a beef, big red head and stomach ache. The next day it was just as much pain on the toilet. But if you love it, I warmly recommend your Phall.

Make your own hot sauce.You can easily grow peppers on your window sill. There are a lot of different types of peppers to be found nowadays. And then experiment in the kitchen with different recipes.

Harissa: (Make yourself simple, sambal with garlic, tomato paste, a lot of cumin and a little coriander seed and anise)

One of the most powerful dishes that Nik Ken is from Indian cuisine, and that is a vindaloo curry.

There is a Japanese sauce, which I unfortunately always forget the name, which is at all the same as “the sauce that made with 2 drops a bowl of windows noticeably more spicy”.A bowl of about a litre of soup was noticeably more spicy from 2 drops of this stuff.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you more specifically, but if you want variation, 1 thing can’t help that much anyway.Instead, I would like to recommend you to search the Internet for the most piggite sauces from different countries. Choose any country, and let yourself be surprised by the variety.

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