I like a girl, but I don’t want a relationship. What should I do?

Just open a fair in it.You can ask her if she is open to FWB or NSA.

Be honest, that say, ask if I is for friends with benefits, no strings, etc

Just walk through as if nothing is going on.

I do not know man.You have to think equally well why it might not be at this time. Is that reason stronger than how much fun your hair finds, and how many regret you would have da you never tried it?

Stay away from the neighbourhood.Hurts less!


There are so many forms of relationships that you have an awful lot of choice.You make a relationship together. Actually, you have to see a romantic relationship just like a friendship: you have knowledge, friends and often also a best friend. With that best friend you draw much more, it is also not possible that all your friends are ‘ best friend ‘.

So you can agree very well with your girlfriend that you do not see each other very often, so you still have time for yourself.Of course there are limits, you can’t see a girlfriend 1 x per half year.

But you can also choose to go for polyamory: Multiple relationships side by side.That could be less in-depth relationships. Of course you have to be honest about it.

You can also have a trial period of e.g.1 month proposing to her in which you try to find a form that works for both of you.

Let me make that said you also like it, otherwise it will not.Try to talk very open about it, that’s the most important thing.

Finally, why do you think you don’t want a relationship, if you’ve never had a relationship?After all, you have no experience with it. Don’t let your relationship be determined by relationships you see around you, or by the media. You and your (future) girlfriend are the ones who determine the form.

So I like a maid, but just come (2.5 months ago) from a relationship.I am 16 years old and I also understand that a relationship at this age usually means that you will not end up with each other. Well, this is not my goal either, I want a relationship because I like to be a lot with her, but on the other hand I also want to enjoy T single life and freedom, just do mn own thing. They also like me so a relationship is an option, but I have t idea I’m not ready yet, I still like her and I’m afraid I’ll lose her if I don’t want her at the moment (that her feeling disappears for me after a while. Does anyone have advice because I don’t know any more

The best thing you can do here is to be completely honest in it, which also has its charm.If you just clearly indicate why you do not want a relationship, three things can happen:

  1. She will adapt, maybe she doesn’t have all your spare time, but she also likes to see you only once a week for example.
  2. She appreciates that you are honest and will be open to fun things without relationship.
  3. She thinks it’s nothing and wants to continue with someone else.

That’s good too, because you can’t change people anyway and try to manipulate in you like that you don’t want either.

If you think to do friends with benefits for example, check out one of the videos we’ve created on this topic.Especially the last point the ‘ friends with benefits exclusive ‘ might be interesting for your situation:

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