I have morels that most people would not accept. How do I accept myself?

Of course, I cannot explain your question on what level you have other moral values.That’s why I use a metaphor that I’ve also used in a completely different topic.

In this I think of deviating sexual preference (free sex or homophobic sex) or to drug use or to enjoy life instead of building possessions and scoring expensive travel experiences.Such kind of other “Morelen”.

I especially do not think of moral values such as harming people like robbery or killing or sexually abusing children.


“The nature of man is such that there is always someone who wants to dominate and wants to have more etc.

To be able to contain a little bit what I mean I want to refer to the differences between chimpanzees and bonnobos.It is meant as a metaphor, so please feel not offended and do not take it too literally.

Chimpanzees live on this side of the river, Bonnobos along the side and because monkeys do not swim, there is no contact.

Chimpanzees live competitively.One male has all females, but he must continually fight for his position. Groups of chimpanzees fight for territory against other groups. They do not shy up any practices that we would suggest as abuse or torture or murder.

Bonnobos are a lot of peace-loving.Any dissatisfaction is solved with sex. Every pleasure is celebrated with sex. No fight needed because everyone is doing it with everyone.

We, people, have the nature of the chimpanzee.If there is a group of people who are going to live according to the life of the bonnobos, we condemn them massively.

Put Bonnobos and chimpanzees together and after a short period of time, only chimpanzees remain and the bonnobos are extinct. “


Bonnobos can live with themselves, chimpanzees cannot live with the nature of Bonnobos.But Bonnobos are pulling back on the right side of the river, so they don’t suffer from chimpanzees.

That’s what you have to do.Find your social contacts with those people who are your equal and leave the rest for what they are. Where is the proof that the majority is correct and that you are wrong as a member of a minority and should be ashamed of it?

I am rightly reminded of this, because I do not wear a three-part suit with a tie.I would not bring it anywhere on a professional level. If I were to kick in there, I would not have any inner life anymore, but I did not kick in and got close to my pension without that kind of attire and have always worked and earned my bread. The people who like to wear a three-piece suit, please do not kick in my vision and enjoy your choice of clothes.

What other people find they need to know all about themselves.It’s about you that you can justify it for yourself. From your question I am wondering that you cannot. But in that case: with whose morels are you in Heaven’s name stuck? Put the baloney away and form spills that fit you.

Self-acceptance and self-love are prerequisites for being able to accept others and for loving others.

From your question, I make sure you have trouble accepting yourself.Can you indicate how that is? What’s in your way? Are these values and standards that you have received from your parents, and that do not correspond to how you feel now? Or does it have to do with societal values or even with legal standards?

Even more importantly: do you accept your “deviating” standards yourself?Or would you like someone to say to you that you have to do that differently?

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