I have fallen 60 pounds and my body resembles the shrimped body of an elderly woman. Do I have to undergo a tummy tuck, or should I learn to accept and love myself as I am now?

I find it difficult to give a “1 size fits all” advice here.I can only give you my personal story here.

I have Ehlers Danlos, a disorder of the connective tissues.I have chosen not to undergo any further surgeries because I get dire ugly scars.

Yes, whether I walk around with an ugly scar or an ugly belly, that really doesn’t make me out.And given the fact that a tummy tuck is a huge intervention with consequences that can last quite a few months, I have chosen not to do so.

Well, there I sit with my flapping upper arms and belly…

I was able to live with it in the end.But yeah… I was not dropped 60 pounds, but 40. I was already almost 40, when it all is going to hang out anyway.

That does matter.The more you fall off, and the younger you are, the more sense a further operation will have for you.

If this enormous weight loss leads to skin flaps under the arms, and a belly full of skin flaps that you can’t do with it, I would consult a good plastic surgeon and ask her/him what would be to do, and what the effect might be.It seems to me worth it. Best wishes!

I find it very annoying because a woman would like to be able to look nice and feel good.

With a shrimped skin, it seems difficult because it does not look harmonious from a cosmetic standpoint and you are confronted with it every day.

This is quite fierce to be honest.

I think that a woman should be able to feel good, and that it is not so evident to achieve this if you as a woman are dissatisfied with your appearance.

You can of course like to see and accept yourself without going under the knife but it still remains annoying because it does not look attractive.

Personally, I would not go straight under the knife and use this as the last option because I am in favour of safety.

I would rather try to get the skin tight through sports and specialized spa treatments in order to tighten the skin.

There may be such procedures that can help (if only a little).

I would also try to lubricate lots of (natural and safe) ingredients on my skin to get things tighter.

Should it still be too loose, I would opt for surgery.

Try to remedy it yourself and if you are still dissatisfied, you can possibly opt for an intervention.

There are good surgeons who can certainly help you (they also exist!).

Surgeries have disadvantages, sometimes they need to restart.

Years ago, the medical Contact Doctor magazine warned that doctors had to manage to operate as little as possible, because of the increased chances of cancer.

Loving yourself thus helps in several ways!

To begin with, I would always accept difficulty in accepting yourself and loving yourself.If you have lost 60 pounds, that is definitely something to be proud of.

Now I have lost some weight myself, my belly I am not wasted and I will not lose.I am not so much lost that my body looks shried out. Even though flattering is also different… So I can hardly judge if this is the best plan.

Even though I’m not someone who concentrates on the look.I can imagine that it can feel redeeming (literally and figuratively) and imagine you have the means, imagine it is a simple surgery and imagine you know 100% sure of yourself that you are no longer arriving. Undergo surgery. That you ask the question here means that it keeps you busy and has an impact on your life. Nowadays we have the luxury to undergo such interventions voluntarily safely.

First, wait 6 months to 1 year.Much excess skin still attracts. If it stays and you suffer from blemish stains then a tummy tuck will be reimbursed, otherwise it will be charged or accepted.

Congratulations and handsome done!Don’t let the courage in your shoes sink.

Jeetje, C茅line, sixty kilos!Violently.

I lost 15 kilos after a nasty period and now weigh 40 kilos.

I am a little hesitant to post personal things, but I do it now anyway, because I understand that you are-literally-badly in your skin.

Some 18 years ago I had a reconstruction performed after a masteceration.Not a moment regret.

After my last check, it turned out that the prosthesis-no silicones but physiologically serum-leaks.It will be replaced in the spring.

And do you know what the surgeon said?’ I replace the implant and I immediately pull up your other breast, then you can show a nice d茅collet茅 again. ‘

I suspect that a tummy tuck is a lot more drastic. But, dear C茅line, if you think of that nice summer dress or that beautiful swimsuit?

Have you already talked to a plastic surgeon?Or Google agree on experiences of fellow sufferers.




There are a language of health problems linked to me such as blemish (Intertrigo):


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